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Aluminum Sliding System - LUMEAL | Technal

  • Use

    Windows and doors
  • Applications

    Residential, renovation, public buildings, museums, schools and universities, health centers, offices, retails
  • Characteristics

    Large dimensions, thermal, weather and acoustic performances, lighter aluminium weight, slim central meeting stile, concealed drainage for all applications, device adapted for easy access, several handle options, motorized option

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More about this product

Design and innovation
LUMEAL Minimal, 100mm module, is a minimalist sliding system with a concealed opening sash. Its minimalist design ensures an 8 to 14% gain in glass surface area depending on the application.
LUMEAL Minimal can be used to create different opening configurations combining a fixed section and sliding section, associated with a slim central meeting stile.

A solution for your low energy building projects
LUMEAL Minimal offers a real solution for low energy building projects due to its very low air permeability and outstanding thermal performance.
1,39 m3/h/m2 (under a pressure of 100 Pascals).

LUMEAL, an exclusive design
This attractive and effective solution is created using minimalist lines and an exclusive design.
The design optimises natural light. The slider has a distinct refined finish with no overlapping of profiles and concealed drainage. Square-jointed assembly also helps to refine the structure.
The concealed opening sash principle is used to create a more attractive finish. Only the frame remains visible with a 68mm aluminium sight line (in relation to a 150mm conventional sliding system) which maximises the glass surface area by +8%.
Several exclusive design handles are available to customise the slider.

© Studio Erick Saillet

Architect: Laurent Guillaud-Lozanne Photo: Erick Saillet

Security, forcible entry delay
LUMEAL sliding system, resistance class level 3 (RC3) against burglary according to the European norm EN 1627-30, by resisting more than 5 minutes to an attempted break-in.
Locking system inaccessible from the outside, with either non-locking or 2-point and 3-point locking.

LUMEAL exceptional performances are equivalent to a casement frame:

Thermal performances: Uw = 1,2 W/m².K for a 2 leaves patio-door
Weather performances: A4-E7A-VB3 Conformity with the air permeability criteria for BBC labelling buildings
Using concealed opening technology, LUMEAL boasts an acoustic performance that far exceeds that of conventional-design sliding windows:
Up to 35dB (Ra, Tr) for a 1-leaf patio door + 1 fixed frame

Accessibility and comfort
Flat thresholds are available on LUMEAL.

Motorized option for greater comfort and accessibility
Motorization allowing automatic lateral operation along with locking/unlocking
Motorized system fully integrated into the slider to preserve LUMEAL high performance and aesthetic
Easy and silent operation: speed around 15 cm/s (depending on the size of the sash)
Full security with an automatic stops of the product in case of obstacle
Large dimensions possible (frames up to 4 meter long)
Suitable for tropical regions thanks to circuit board functioning by a 100% humidity atmosphere

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