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Porcelain Tiles - MaxFine Iron Collection | FMG

  • Use

    Porcelain tile cladding and covering
  • Applications

    Wall cladding, flooring, kitchen and bathroom tops, indoor and outdoor furniture, doors, hotel and wellness, boat interior design
  • Characteristics

    Pre polished surface, color resistant to light, frost proof, A1 fire resistance, flexion and deep abrasion resistant, stains removed by hot running water, versatile and fully customizable
  • Colors

    Corten, Iron Bronze, Iron Grey, Iron Black
  • Sizes

    300x150; 300x100; 150x150; 150x75; 100x100; 75x75; 75x37,5 (cms)
  • Certification

    CCC China Certification n° 1348 and 1349; Certification ISO 14001:2004; Certification ISO 9001:2008; Bureau Veritas Certification for LEED and BREEAM; Déclaration INIES FMG; Certification EMAS

More about this product

Born from a technology that respects the environment, Maxfine is a collection which is rigorously Made in Italy and which characteristics are unique in the world: it is the only one that displays materials with a large surface area with reduced thickness to guarantee not only an incredible aesthetic quality but also a high resistance to stress. A material so innovative that it breaks down the barriers between surfaces for architecture and furnishing. Strength plus lightness, very large sizes and a low thickness to make floors, walls, furnishings and finishings. Not just surfaces.

Uses & Applications

- Floors & walls (both indoor and outdoor)
- Kitchen countertops
- Bathroom tops
- Showers
- Blacksplash panels
- Fireplaces
- Doors
- Closets and cabinets doors
- Tables
- Shelves
- Stairs
- Outdoor furniture
- Benches
- Plant pots
- Swimming pools


MaxFine Iron Collection - Corten, Iron Bronze, Iron Grey, Iron Black

MaxFine Iron Collection - Corten, Iron Bronze, Iron Grey, Iron Black


Sizes: 300x150 (120"x60"); 300x100 (120"x40"); 150x150 (60"x60"); 150x75 (60"x30"); 100x100 (40"x40"); 75x75 (30"x30"); 75x37,5 (30"x15") cms.
Thickness: 6mm (10 mm available upon request)
Finishing: Honed

For any specific information about sizes and finishings for each color/product please refer to the related chart in the general catalogue.

For more information about FMG's Porcelain Tile Flooring and Wall Coverings, please reach out to us through our contact/quote button on top, visit FMG's page in Materials or

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