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Transparent Media Façade IMAGIC WEAVE® ID | HAVER & BOECKER

  • Use

    Media façade system
  • Applications

    Facades, walls, media canvas
  • Characteristics

    Transparent led media façade, combination of architectural wire mesh and slim LED profiles on the back, nearly invisible, modular system
  • Sizes

    Maximum screen size is unlimited
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More about this product

Architectural façades are being increasingly used as platforms for new media communication. IMAGIC WEAVE® is a unique transparent media façade system that transforms airport buildings, stadiums, shopping malls, skyscrapers, and other large buildings into dynamic transparent canvases for vibrant, large-scale communication. The types of wire mesh and cloth available from HAVER & BOECKER for these applications are as diverse as the architecture itself. The combination of chosen mesh type and LED pixel pitch easily determines the transparency of the façade.

The Transparent Media Façade IMAGIC WEAVE® is a fusion of HAVER Architectural Mesh and the latest LED technology. IMAGIC WEAVE® creates individually programmable lighting effects in any color. The façade can also be used for video presentations on any indoor or outdoor surface. Due to the modular structure of the system, façades can completely or partially be designed as a media façade. The media façade system can be retrofitted onto existing mesh façades.


Everything from a single source
As a system supplier of the transparent media façade IMAGIC WEAVE® offers a comprehensive package from a single source – from consulting and planning, the manufacture and delivery of pre-finished IMAGIC WEAVE® elements, the power- and control solution, installation, commissioning of the media façade and trainings for software and hardware. In addition, HAVER & BOECKER can advise and support the customer in the creation of video content.

In order to guarantee the best performance with regard to color mixture, directional characteristic and brightness, the IMAGIC WEAVE® ID media façade system has been developed based on the latest LED technology to merge the former advantages of both SMT-LEDs (wide viewing angle, very good mix of color) and THT-LEDs (high degree of luminosity) into a multi-purpose all-in-one product.

All LEDs are equipped with a project-specific lens to adjust the directional characteristic (for example from 120°x120° to 60°x60°) and to increase the level of protection against environmental stress.


The transparent media façade IMAGIC WEAVE® is captivating by day and night. Thanks to a brightness of more than 10,000 nit (cd/m²) IMAGIC WEAVE® also creates superb visibility in daylight. The system's brightness is smoothly adjusted to the surrounding conditions by means of sensors. When no content is being displayed, the IMAGIC WEAVE® media screen appears as an elegant stainless-steel mesh façade.

System structure
The IMAGIC WEAVE® system has a modular structure and can, therefore, be scaled freely and adapted to any size and format. Unlike non-transparent systems, the video content shown has particular transparency depending on the lighting conditions of the surroundings and appears to hover in front of the façade without completely obscuring it. In addition, the slim LED profiles are attached to the rear of the mesh elements, therefore maintaining the typical appearance of the wire mesh façade without interruption. The cabling is hardly visible from the outside, and the transparency from the inside is not adversely affected.

Unlike standard black LED panels, with IMAGIC WEAVE® the LED profile housing and the stainless steel mesh elements can be adapted with a variety of colors. The creative possibilities are almost unlimited. To customize the overall look even more, the upper and lower side of the LED profile can be equipped with a clip-on cover that is available in many different colors.

As façades continue to become the focus of new media communication, IMAGIC WEAVE® delivers large-scale imaging video capability that accentuates not only the appearance of a building but also its functionality.



  • Maximum screen size: unlimited
  • Max. wire mesh dimensions 3 x 30 m / 9.8ft x 98ft (other dimensions upon request)
  • Profile length 392 - 2992 mm / 1.3ft - 9.8ft
  • Transparency: 20 % to 75 % (depending on LED resolution and mesh type)
  • Viewing distance: 15 m up to several kilometers / 15ft up to several miles
  • LED Pitch vertical: > 30 mm / 1.81
  • LED Pitch horizontal: 25 mm, 50 mm / 0.98’’, 1.97’’ (other distances on request)
  • LED Type: Cree SMD RGB LED
  • Brightness: > 10000 nit (cd/m²)
  • Environment: Outdoor (IP 67), UV resistant
  • Operating Temperature: -30 °C to +60 °C / -22°F to +140°F
  • Individuality: Click-on LED profile-design cover, changeable LED profile-housing color
  • Aspect ratio: freely selectable (e.g. 16:9, 21:9, 4:3)
  • Illustration facilities: simple colors to high-resolution videos

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