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Architectural Wire Meshes - S-18 | Banker Wire

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Banker Wire's S-18 Architectural Wire Mesh weaves flat wire into this mid-scale basket weave. This checked pattern's low percent open area allows it to reflect color and light, bringing elegance and warmth to a variety of applications.

Each wire mesh wall tile is formed and framed with custom brackets that remain invisible from the front.

Each wire mesh wall tile is formed and framed with custom brackets that remain invisible from the front.

- Wall cladding
- Partitions
- Railings
- Stairways
- Interiors
- Interior Design

- Standard Finish: Banker Wire manufactures all of its products in a bare, mill finished condition. To enhance the appearance of the final product, we offer a variety of Secondary Finishes.
- Secondary Finishes: Banker Wire has researched a number of secondary finishes that work well with woven and welded wire meshes. Since different materials may react with varying local conditions, such as steel rusting or copper tarnishing, appropriate finishes for interior and exterior applications may be desired. Many secondary finishes can be applied to help achieve the desired color, reflectivity, or corrosion resistance characteristics required.
Other secondary finishes include:
- Powder Coating
- Anodizing
- Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
- Decorative Metal Plating
(please call 800-523-6772 for more information)
- Assistance: Banker Wire is happy to assist in the early design stages by identifying the appropriate raw materials and secondary finish to establish a specification that will satisfy the desired final performance and aesthetic.

- Sizing:
Opening limitation (maximum sphere diameter which will pass through opening): 0.30 inches
- Thickness: 0.080 inches
- Weight: 1.70 lbs / sq feet
- Additional features: Aspect ratio: 1:00 : 1
- Materials: Stainless, Bronze

For more information about Banker Wire's S-18 Architectural Wire Mesh contact through our contact/quote button on top, visit Banker Wire's Page in Materials, or visit:

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