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Architectural Wire Meshes - DS-1 | Banker Wire

  • Use

    Cladding on all kind of surfaces
  • Applications

    Wall finishes, partitions, cladding, interiors and interior design in general
  • Characteristics

    See-through, striations of varying degrees of light and dark, standard and secondary finish options available
  • Colors

    Powder coating, Anodizing, Oil rubbed bronze and Decorative metal plating

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More about this product

Banker Wir'e DS-1 Architectural Wire Mesh has a gentle flat wire undulations that combined with straight wire produces a robust, symmetric, opaque fabric with soothing qualities. Ideal as cladding for all types of vertical and horizontal surfaces, it defines and protects with style. Bring your next project to Banker Wire, the worldwide leader in wire mesh, and we’ll help you create something extraordinary.

It should be noted that architectural fabrics produced from very smooth diamond drawn wires will, at times, exhibit subtle striations of varying degrees of light and dark. These are not defects, but rather, part of the natural beauty of the material.


  • See-through
    Standard Finish: Banker Wire manufactures all of its products in a bare, mill finished condition. To enhance the appearance of the final product, we offer a variety of Secondary Finishes.
  • Secondary Finishes: Banker Wire has researched a number of secondary finishes that work well with woven and welded wire meshes. Since different materials may react with varying local conditions, such as steel rusting or copper tarnishing, appropriate finishes for interior and exterior applications may be desired. Many secondary finishes can be applied to help achieve the desired color, reflectivity, or corrosion resistance characteristics required.
    Other secondary finishes include:
    - Powder Coating
    - Anodizing
    - Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
    - Decorative Metal Plating
    *(please call
    800-523-6772 for more information)
  • Assistance: Banker Wire is happy to assist in the early design stages by identifying the appropriate raw materials and secondary finish to establish a specification that will satisfy the desired final performance and aesthetic.


  • Thickness: 0.217 inches
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs/sq ft
  • Additional features: Aspect ratio 1:50:1
  • Materials: Stainless, Bronze

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