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Solar Roof Tiles in Swiss Residence | SunStyle

  • Use

    Photovoltaic solar roof tiles
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Made from tempered glass, patented overlapping system for watertight installations, optional color-coating, frameless
  • Certification

    Class A fire-resistant, class F wind-resistant, class 4 hail-resistant, wind-driven rain TAS 100 (A), mechanical loading UL7103 section 31, grounding UL 2703
  • Guarantee

    Power warranty 90% up to 10 years, 80% up to 25 years
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More about this product

SunStyle is a pioneering company that has manufactured renewable energy solutions for over a decade. The SunStyle photovoltaic roof tiles were used for the roof of this residence in Bern, Switzerland.

The residential project in Bern features an architectural renovation that combines modern aesthetics with ecological efficiency. Architect Sascha Schär from the N11 architectural office in Zweisimmen designed the renovation, which involved a roof extension to increase living space by using a steep roof pitch combined with the maximum height of the knee wall. This design maximizes the interior space and complies with Bern's building regulations.

Roof View Roof View

The result is a fully integrated solar roof that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. The dimensions were adapted to the specifications of SunStyle solar shingles, ensuring better integration with the building’s design. The solar shingles cover the maximum roof area and enhance the building's energy efficiency. The house features a highly insulated facade, providing optimal protection against summer heat and winter cold. The interior showcases elegant wooden finishes and incorporates various environmentally friendly features.

The SunStyle solar shingles cover 110 m² of the roof area, generating 30 kWh/m² and offsetting 59% of the building’s total energy consumption. This installation is expected to yield an annual energy production of 8,000 to 9,000 kWh, thanks to the 10 kWp system oriented east/west. The SunStyle system was integrated with Solar Edge's Smart Energy Ecosystem, which includes performance optimizers to address issues caused by partial and temporary shading of the roof surfaces. This was particularly necessary due to the hillside location and the presence of a chimney. The intelligent control of individual solar shingles ensures that shading does not negatively impact the performance of the entire photovoltaic system.

The energy concept was further enhanced by the Smartfox energy manager, which manages the distribution of the generated solar power. It supplies integrated power consumers like the heat pump with in-house energy, activating the heat pump when excess energy is produced. This increases the self-consumption of solar power, reducing the need to purchase electricity from the public grid and shortening the amortization period for the investment. The SunStyle solar roof provides green electricity and maintains perfect waterproofing and aesthetic integrity, blending with the building's design and the surrounding landscape.

Application of Photovoltaic Modules Application of Photovoltaic Modules
Location Bern, Switzerland
Year 2023
Type of Building Single-family home renovation
Architect N11
Product Used SunStyle Solar Tiles

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