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Solar Roof in 18th-century Church Renovation | SunStyle

  • Use

    Photovoltaic solar roof tiles
  • Applications

    Public buildings
  • Characteristics

    Made from tempered glass, patented overlapping system for watertight installations, optional color-coating, frameless
  • Certification

    Class A fire-resistant, class F wind-resistant, class 4 hail-resistant, wind-driven rain TAS 100 (A), mechanical loading UL7103 section 31, grounding UL 2703
  • Guarantee

    Power warranty 90% up to 10 years, 80% up to 25 years
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More about this product

SunStyle is a pioneering company that has manufactured renewable energy solutions for over a decade. The SunStyle photovoltaic roof tiles were used to renovate a neo-Gothic church in Sarpsborg, Norway.

Top view Photovoltaic Module Application

The church in the industrial town of Sarpsborg has undergone numerous renovations since its construction in 1861. This elongated red brick building features a tower in the west, a five-sided choir in the east, and a relatively low and wide nave. Originally, its roof was covered with grey slate. Over the years, several modifications have been made: the vestry was enlarged in 1900, and significant interior alterations were carried out in 1958. The church is renowned for its stained glass windows, created between 1918 and 1958. Despite these changes, the church has always maintained its original expression.

In early 2019, the church's roof was renovated with SunStyle solar roof tiles. This upgrade preserved the neo-Gothic architectural aesthetics while allowing the church to harness solar technology for clean energy generation. The integration of SunStyle low-profile solar roof tiles represents a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. This renovation showcases the potential of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products to facilitate ecological updates in historically significant locations, ensuring the church retains its historical character while embracing modern sustainability.

Photovoltaic Module Application Top View
Location Sarpsborg, Norway
Year 2019
Type of Building Religious
Product Used SunStyle Solar Tiles

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