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Wall Siding - Arbor Wood Co. Ash & Basswood Siding Line | Intectural

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Intectural bring's Arbor Wood Co. Ash & Basswood Siding Line. Arbor Wood Co. focuses on wood species from the North Central USA. This highlights the TMT process by bringing a wood you do not see in outdoor products and modifying the structure to make them less prone to water absorption, expansion/contraction and rot. The wood color is darkened by the modification process and is offered in a lighter or darker through color option. This is done by processing the wood at different temperatures.

AWCo offers siding, decking and flooring in several species and aesthetics. We work with you to find the correct product. If there are specific requirements of profiles, color, or species, AWCo can customize the process to fit your project. The key to this hands-on approach is communication with the client, domestic harvesting of the wood and local milling to ensure the same quality is applied to custom jobs.

Produced from the abundant North Central forests of the USA, Arbor Wood Co. (AWCo) offers innovative thermally modified timber for a variety of outdoor and indoor applications from housing installations to decorative fixtures and product components.

- Chemical free - superior exterior qualities without the use of toxic chemicals.
- FSC-certified sustainably harvested timber
- Domesticly grown, harvested, kilned, milled and sold in North America.
- Support responsible resource management

AWCo is based in Duluth, Minnesota and works with North Central USA suppliers to bring you uncompromised quality in harvest, modification, and millwork. The raw goods harvested for AWCo products come from sustainably managed forests. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has been recognized as a leader for forest stewardship by FSC and SFI third party certification bodies as the largest single forest management certificate in the nation. AWCo and its partners are aligned geographically and philosophically with the goals of responsible resource management. The heat and steam process used to modify the wood creates a value added product without the use of chemicals.

Domestic: AWCo thermally modified timber is domestically grown, harvested, kilned, milled and sold in North America.
Chemical free: Thermally modified wood attains superior exterior qualities without the use of toxic chemicals.

- More stable than standard kiln dried wood.
- Up to 60% reduced swelling and shrinking from moisture
- Water and decay resistant

After wood has been thermally modified its properties are more stable than standard kiln dried wood. The swelling and shrinking of wood due to moisture variations can be reduced by up to 60%. After the modification process, the physical structure of the wood is changed permanently. Because of these changes in the structure of the wood, its ability to absorb moisture from the surrounding environment greatly declines, making it more durable than untreated wood against biological damages such as decay caused by brown rot and fungus. Like unmodified wood, uncoated thermally modified wood will turn a grey weathered color over a period of time when exposed to direct sunlight. To attain the best biological durability, thermally modified wood should be surface coated.

Thermal Modification

Thermal Modification is a process that replaces the use of chemicals to enhance an inapt wood species performance with heat and steam so it is suitable for a multitude of applications indoors and out. The high heat modifies the cell structure of the wood and makes it highly resistant to rot while greatly reducing expansion and contraction. Through multiple cook temperatures a range of color options within a single species can be achieved without the use of stains. Aesthetically the wood is darkened in color and it brings an unexpected tropical look to more commonly lighter indigenous wood species. Since Thermally Modified wood does not absorb or hold moisture as it would prior to treatment, species that typically do not perform well in outdoor or wet environments can now be used as decking or siding.

Harvest & Rough Cut: AWCo Sources raw material from regional sources and accepts only select or better lumber to be thermally modified. Commitment to quality in this stage is necessary for a successful finished product. Sustainability of our resources is a primary philosophy at AWCo and working with public, private and third party certifiers to ensure responsible lumber is a process that goes into every piece of material harvested.

Modify: Once your wood has been harvested and rough cut it is kiln dried to a uniform moisture content. It is then introduced to the thermal modification process where the wood is subjected to high heat and steam in a controlled environment. Thermal modification will change the woods overall appearance and attributes to broaden the performance range functionally and aesthetically for many wood species.

Mill: The TMT (Thermally Modified Timber) raw stock is then processed by local mill workers to the desired specification. Common mill forms are siding, decking and flooring.

Thermal Modified Timber Color Change
The color of wood will darken in the thermal modification process. The wood is darkened throughout so any sanding or refinishing will bring the wood back to the original color without staining. The color change of the thermally modified wood is especially useful in the flooring industry since it can be used to emulate tropical wood species.

For more information about Arbor Wood Co. Ash & Basswood Siding Line contact through our contact/quote button on top, visit Intectural's page in Materials, or visit: www.intectural.com /www.arborwoodco.com

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