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Paper Composite Countertops - Richlite Northwest | Intectural

More about this product

Intectural brings 100% RECYCLED Richlite's Northwest Paper Composite Countertops, which represent the colors of the region. Is it really paper? Yes it is. It starts out as pulp, is turned into paper and is transformed into a dense, durable, attractive material that can be tooled like wood and used for nearly any commercial or residential surface or design accents from sink basins to exterior wall cladding.

Common uses include siding, indoor wall cladding, countertops, work surfaces, artistic features and related architectural applications. Starts off dark grey, aging into a deep, gunmetal hue.

- Indoor wall cladding
- Siding
- Countertops
- Furniture surfaces

Stain Resistant

Generally speaking, Richlite resists stains quite well. As with most material, there is potential for some staining. Richlite stands up well to anything acidic, but high-alkaline products may pull or alter color after prolonged exposure. Stains may be cleaned with soap and warm water and scrubbed with a soft bristle brush. More stubborn stains may be repaired by a light refinishing of the material. Visit Care + Maintenance for further information.Scratch Resistant

It's significantly harder than wood but, like most countertop materials, can, under force, be scratched or gouged. Richlite countertops should not be used as a cutting surface. Because Richlite is a solid color throughout, when scratches do occur, they can easily be buffed or sanded out. Use of a separate Richlite cutting board is recommended. Most cuts, scratches and nicks can be repaired with a light refinishing. VisitCare + Maintenance for further information.

Heat Resistant
Richlite is heat resistant up to 350º F. Due to its high heat resistance, the material does not need additional protection near stove areas though a trivet or hot pad is recommended to ensure no damage will be caused by exceedingly hot pots and pans pulled directly out of the oven. Visit Care + Maintenance for further information.

Richlite is an incredibly durable product, but it can scratch. Scratches will eventually patina and are typically superficial. Due to its high impact resistance, gouges or cracks are uncommon. Because of the way it is manufactured with stacked sheets of paper, the edge can be prone to chipping if not eased or radiused properly.

Richlite looks natural, is non-porous and has a matte finish. The surface of the manufacturer provided samples has been sanded, buffed and sealed with two coats of finish. Richlite does not maintain a polished or glossy surface. A finish is recommended by the manufacturer as the best balance for initial look and feel and eventual wear and patina.

No Finish
We do recommend putting a finish on the surface, however, if one desires not to apply a finish the integrity of the material will not be compromised. The surface, however, will start to appear "chalky" and will also pick up oils from fingerprints, food, etc.

Mineral Oil
Mineral oil brings out a deep luster, however, requires more maintenance. Because Richlite
material is non-porous the oil has a difficult time penetrating the surface. Water marks may appear from glasses and tableware as oil and water do not mix. If you are using soap and water to clean your countertops be aware the soap will expedite the removal of oil and the countertops will start to appear chalky.

Bioshield Wood Counter Finish
Wood Counter Finish from Bioshield is a great eco-friendly choice. The finish is oil-based with a hardener mixed in so it stays on the surface much longer and will not be removed with soap and water. It also acts as a better repellent to water marks, stains, etc. This is the preferred finish for residential use as it has low VOCs. Visit Bioshield Healthy Living Paints for further information.

Richlite Color Enhancer
Richlite Color Enhancer is the most maintenance free finish, but it will require some maintenance. It is recommended for larger commercial projects and can be applied easily in the field.

Howard Naturals Wood Polish
If your project is using the Bioshield Wood Counter Finish or Richlite Color Enhancer, Howard Naturals Wood Polish is an easy-to-apply rejuvenator/polish that can be used by the end user on a regular basis for touch ups or to enhance the deep luster. The wood polish is not recommended when there is no finish or only mineral oil applied. Visit Howards Naturals for further information.

For more information about Richlite's Northwest Paper Composite Countertops contact through our contact/quote button on top, visit Intectural's page in Materials, or visit: /

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