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Wooden Wall Panels - Plyboo Durapalm Woven Palms | Intectural

More about this product

Intectural brings Plyboo's Durapalm Woven Palms, a product made of wood from the trunks of coconut palms and sugar palms that are a byproduct of the food industry.

- Interior walls
- Ceilings
- Residential
- Retail
- Kitchens

- 100% palm
- 2 finishes: Flat Grain and Edge Grain,and range in colour from dark to medium – red mahogany.

About the fabrication process
When the trees have stopped producing, they are removed from the plantation to make room for new trees. These waste tree trunks are woody, but irregularly shaped and are not worthy of traditional milling into planks. However, their unique grain with short dark veins gives them an exotic appearance and is worthy of the attention of discriminating designers. Smith and Fong Company, the makers of Plyboo, have applied the technology they use in making bamboo plywood to palm products by cutting the wood into strips and bonding them together into plywoods and flooring. Today, these waste tree trunks that were once burned or buried are used in the design of 3 dimensional wall panels, Palm Plywoods and Palm Lumber for furniture and cabinetry and palm flooring. Because of its rich color tones, Palm is considered an alternative to rainforest timbers.

Material: 100% Palm
Standard sizes: 5/8" x 6" x 48"
Finish: Polyurethane
Fire rating: Fire resistance classification: Class B. Test surface burning in accordance with ASTM E 84
Weight: 5/8" x 6" x 48" – 8lbs per piece

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