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Door Handle UP & DOWN | M&T
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Door Handle UP & DOWN | M&T

  • Use

    Interior and exterior doors
  • Applications

    Residential, hospitality, corporate, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Manufactured in the Czech Republic, quality surface finishes, top handle mechanics, comprehensive guarantees, competitive pricing, fast and precise assembly
  • Guarantee

    Mechanics: 3 years | Surfaces: nickel and chrome 3 years, titanium 15 years, brass natural lifetime guarantee
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More about this product

The UP & DOWN door handle fitting from M&T, is designed with a simplistic yet bold asymmetrical look, and offers two different finished forms from simply flipping the orientation of the handle. Designed by duo Hermann & Coufal, the uniqueness of the fittings is the choice, completely changing the operation of the handle and its aesthetic by either mounting the handle up or down. The fittings, made from massive brass are designed with a metallic appeal offering a variety of metallic colors, as well as a black finish.


  • Nickel Matt Grinded (SNi-nickel matt)
  • Glossy Chrome (Cr)
  • Titanium Chrome Matt (TiN-C)
  • Titanium Black Matt (TiN-K)
  • Titanium Brown Matt (Tin-B)
  • Titanium Brass Matt (TiN-A)


  • M2018 mechanics with magnetic rosettes system.

M&T specialize in the manufacturing of massive brass products combining the intelligience of advanced technology with the detail and quality control of manual labour, offering perfectly smooth, high quality products that are made to last.

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