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Sunshades | BŌK Modern
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Sunshades | BŌK Modern

  • Use

    Sunshades, shadow lines, rain protection
  • Applications

    Exterior facades, corporate, educational, commercial, residential, pre-fab modules
  • Characteristics

    Easy installation, laser-cut or picket-style, rigid, customizable, non-flammable, solid metal, painted, aluminum, anodized, Rusted surface (Cor-ten) steel
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BŌK Modern

More about this product

BŌK Modern Sunshades are available in four distinct designs: Bracketed Sunshades, Full Height Bracketed Sunshades, Bracketless Sunshades, and Trellis Structures.

Sunshade Types

Bracketed Sunshades - provide sun-shading or rain protection by either a perforated or solid-panel style. These sunshades can be configured for one, two, three or four sides of the window. They can also be shaped into various tapered forms.

Full Height Bracketed Sunshades - For those seeking a continuous vertical ‘blade’ projecting from the building façade, BŌK Modern has a series of Full Height Bracketed Sunshades to fit those design needs.

Bracketless Sunshades - BŌK's newest sunshade product, eliminates the need for a bracket protruding from the structure for a clean, uninterrupted visual appeal. It utilizes a ‘nail-on’ continuous attachment much like a ‘nail-on’ window fin. It is easier to install, easier to waterproof around, and because it does not require a bracket protruding from the building, they do not interfere with scaffolding placement, providing advantages during installation.

Trellis Structures - BŌK's Trellis perforated panels work perfectly as a shading device in a supporting framework. To find out more please inquire about complete systems including entire structures as well as custom applications.


BŌK’s panels can be created from a variety of flat sheet metals that are strategically designed and laser-cut in a customizable selection of patterns and shapes. The panels can be custom formed to an infinite variety of 3-dimensional configurations.


  • Solid
  • Picket-style
  • Custom laser cut patterns to your specification.


  • Aluminum
  • weathering steel


  • Kynar, IFS (AAMA 2605)
  • Powder coat (AAMA 2604)
  • Anodized

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BŌK Modern

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Contact manufacturer

BŌK Modern

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