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Armchairs in Kirkkonummi Library | Lapalma
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Armchairs in Kirkkonummi Library | Lapalma

  • Use

    Furniture, seating
  • Applications

    Interior, public building
  • Characteristics

    Curved shape with armrests, can be combined with a pouf or headrest, a wide choice of bases, square or round complimentary tables available, outdoor tables available
  • Certification

    FSC certified wood finishes, efficiency/quality in production cycle:TüV: ISO EN 9001, Respect for environment: ISO EN 14001
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More about this product

An interpreter of great international designers, thanks to an all-Italian production that combines craftsmanship and automation, essentiality, and respect for the environment, Lapalma produces furnishing elements for contemporary living spaces such as Kirkkonummi Library.

The interior space of Kirkkonummi Library in combination with the furniture of Lapalma is designed to adapt to the human body, with a simple look and high functionality. The space is designed for a time of thinking, working, reading, writing, or waiting in a comfortable sitting space. The lounge furniture stands out for the light curve on the edge which gives a delicate elegance.

AUKI Collection

auki collection

Born from the combination of geometric shapes, which creates new surfaces, AUKI completes Lapalma’s proposal for the lounge area of Kirkkonummi Library. The material is made of soft polyurethane foam with increased thickness for a better seat and back support. The frame can be a four-point star base for a swivel seat or a fixed one, both perfectly matching the sober look of AUKI, and in the same way, increasing the formal grace of the Kirkkonummi Library.

Lounge Furniture

The lounge area is designed for waiting, an activity that has become a precious moment in these times of constant digital connection. Lapalma has found original, extensive, and contemporary solutions for furnishing lounges. Waiting for a meeting or to depart at an airport lounge, station or hotel means working, reading, writing, eating, sitting comfortably in an AUKI armchair or on a PLUS modular sofa system, and finding a YO small table or a KIPU pouf next to it for your computer and for recharging your devices. In a hurry, it means leaning against the RYO tilting stool or sometimes isolating ourselves behind the discreet SCREEN partition.

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