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How to Increase Productivity With a Mobile | Archisnapper

  • Use

    Mobile devices
  • Applications

    Architecture and construction
  • Characteristics

    Work efficiency, communication, multidisciplinary development
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The modern mobile device is an irreplaceable tool for busy architects. It can help with comunication with clients and contractors, accessing designs, site inspections, taking notes during meetings, etc.

With the right device, apps & accessories, productivity is no longer tied to the workstation. Check out how to use ArchiSnapper's app for architects to make the most of your mobile device.

  1. Managing documents and photos

    For basic documents, plans, and photos some architects use online storage solutions to access their files at any time across all their devices. Without a robust cloud-based file management solution, you could be left with no access to relevant floor plans, specification documents, contracts, or 3D models when you are out of the office.

  2. CAD & 3D Models

    Many CAD and 3D modeling solutions offer mobile apps that make it easy to take designs with you, bridging the gap between the design studio and the construction site. With these apps, you can view, zoom and query your plans, drawings or models. All the relevant model data is at your fingertips for easy access and sharing.

  3. Site inspections, field reports, and punch lists

    Creating field reports is an extremely time-consuming activity for architects. With ArchiSnapper, you can draft reports on-site with your smartphone or tablet. By documenting all the necessary data – like text, photos, floor plan annotations, etc. – while on-site, a professional and branded field report is basically ready when leaving the construction site.

  4. Time and expense management

    Dedicated time and expense apps can help replace manual time and expense tracking with automated digital alternatives. Some project management solutions offer mobile apps that provide time and expense management functionality on the go.

  5. Sketching and ideation

    If you need to quickly sketch a change, concept or idea, sketching apps combined with an accurate stylus give a great drawing experience on your tablet. These sketch apps allow you to scale, work with layers, and choose from brushes to accurately capture the sketch. Used by millions of architects, a sketch app helps bridge the gap between analogue and digital work.

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