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Bathroom Washbasins | DELABIE
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Bathroom Washbasins | DELABIE

  • Use

  • Applications

    Public toilets, hospitals, canteens
  • Characteristics

    Durable, hygienic, wall-mounted, floor-standing, variety of technologies available
  • Certification

    Complies with European standard EN 14688
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More about this product

DELABIE's sanitary fittings are made from highly durable stainless steel, ideal for use in public and commercial bathrooms. The DELABIE washbasins are produced with bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel, making them suitable for spaces that require high standards of hygiene. DELABIE's washbasins are easy to install with minimal adjustments required. DELABIE washbasins are made using advanced technologies which require less energy to manufacture, resulting in a lighter and more sustainable product.

Product Benefits

  • Ideal for users with reduced mobility
  • Rounded edges prevent injury
  • Durable steel makes the washbasin vandal resistant
  • Improves hygiene
  • Available in wall-mounted, countertop, and floor standing versions
  • Polished satin finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Countertop Washbasin Dimensions

Internal diameter 310mm
Weight 3.6kg, 3.8kg
Height 80mm, 165mm
Length 395mm
Width 400mm
Steel thickness 1.2mm

Wall Mounted Washbasin Dimensions

Weight 4kg, 5kg, 5.5kg, 9kg, 12kg
Height 150mm, 165mm, 285mm, 390mm, 830mm
Length 295mm, 340mm, 360mm, 650mm
Width 400mm, 420mm, 430mm, 505mm
Steel thickness 0.8mm, 1.2mm

Wash Trough Dimensions

Weight 22kg
Height 265mm
Length 1800mm
Width 500mm
Steel thickness 1.5mm

Semi-Recessed Washbasin Dimensions

Weight 3kg
Height 130mm
Length 380mm
Width 380mm
Steel thickness 1.2mm

Floor Standing Washbasin Dimensions

Weight 14kg
Height 830mm
Length 375mm
Width 430mm
Steel thickness 0.8mm

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