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Getting Familiar with Intuitive Design Workflow | Snaptrude

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    3D modeling
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    Concept presentations
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    Set defaults, automation features, easy navigation, BIM editing, fast workflow
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Snaptrude is an intuitive 3D design tool for architects. The interface and user experience have been improved with the release of Snaptrude 3.0. The release was based on user feedback and an understanding of how architects work.

Setting Project Units and Other Defaults

Once a project is created, a new settings button on the bottom toolbar allows you to control project units and other default properties. These are divided into sections for clarity. Sections include units (which contains tolerances, snap constraints, etc), site, and construction (default wall types, slab thickness, plinth height, etc).

Project Units and Details


The modeling toolbar contains all the tools for drawing, importing objects, setting views, and Snaptrude’s specialized automation features. These are grouped into tabs based on functionality.

The Draw Tab includes all the drawing and editing tools. Use the Draw tool to start drawing rooms. Aside from the standard tool, double-clicking with some tools enables additional functionality. For example, with the Move tool, double click on a room edge to move the edge. Similarly, use double click with the Select tool to label rooms rather than selecting them.

The Import Tab contains the tools to import images, CAD files, site topography, and others. The Measure Tab contains tools for measuring, rescaling, and setting datum. All the automation tools are grouped under the Automate Tab. These include:

  • Create a mass model from line sketches
  • Auto-generate walls, slabs, and flooring from a massing model
  • Automatically place furniture in labeled rooms
  • Automatically dimension plan drawings

Comprehensive View Tools allow users to present designs in various styles (textured, monochrome, without lines, or isometric), using (top, front, left, right, and rear) views as well as camera position and shadows. A tab has also been added for the most recently used tools for quick access.

Tool Sets

The data panel on the right makes project data easily accessible. It contains all the auto-calculated data, reports, and other actionable information for your project. This includes the bill of quantities and area calculations. It also includes a section for comments from your collaborators and saved model views.

Data Panel

Straightforward Navigation While Working in 2D or 3D Environments

In the new interface, you can toggle between 3D views or any story’s plan views using the View Toggle button, or Ctrl + Tab. Stories are separated into accessible sections, clicking on a story takes you to the story plan.

Hover over a story, to view more options. Click the arrow that takes you to the dropdown list. Here, story height and name can be changed, rooms/objects of the story can be selected, and a story can be hidden.


Some users use Snaptrude on the go without a mouse. Pan, orbit, and zoom buttons are added to the bottom bar to facilitate that. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts are also added for the most commonly used features.

Editing an Object’s BIM Properties

When an object is selected on the canvas, its BIM Properties Panel automatically opens up. Here you can edit components’ sizes, edit structures and properties, and make various copied elements unique.

Libraries Re-organized for Faster Workflow

Snaptrude has a built-in library of materials, fenestration elements, parametric staircases, and furniture. Library Panel is located in the menu on the right. A search bar has been added to quickly browse for objects from an extensive library. All the tools for adding objects and categories to the library are also located here.


The workflow for editing and duplicating materials is simplified. To edit a material, select it from the library and click on the Edit button. The materials panel is replaced by an edit panel, where you can change its properties.

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