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BIM Modeling - Collaborative Design Software | Snaptrude
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BIM Modeling - Collaborative Design Software | Snaptrude

  • Use

    Architectural concept design, BIM design and modeling
  • Applications

    Architecture, interior design, design and build, real estate, collaborative design, remote working
  • Characteristics

    Cloud storage, free student/educator/institution license, data automation, real-time collaboration, push-pull modeling
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More about this product

Snaptrude is a collaborative design tool for architects and interior designers. Design teams can create efficient buildings, with data automation, saving time on drafting. Your team can collaborate in real-time for faster feedback and approvals. As Snaptrude works on a web browser, a user can work on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Design effortlessly using Snaptrude’s push-pull modeling capabilities. The foundation for BIM (building information modeling) is generated while you design with familiar tools. Automate complex, repetitive tasks like generating BoQs (Bill of Quantity) and program areas. Easily access site data such as topographic maps, sun path, and shadow studies.

Easily create graphics and automatically dimensioned drawings for presentations. Snaptrude exports directly to Revit, IFC, DWG, and other rendering tools.


  • Simplified drawing and parametric editing.
  • Changes are made to space and reflected on all connected drawings
  • Generate BIM from mass models
  • Redraw hand-drawn sketches to create floor plans
  • Invite team members to projects and receive instant feedback
  • Simplify your massing to BIM journey by designing with spaces, rather than lines and walls
  • Tag spaces so Snaptrude can automatically update their properties
  • Load site topography, create sun path diagrams, and shadow studies for the site location
  • Generate BoQs (Bill of quantities) for material, door, window, and furniture, automatically while you design
  • Extensive inbuilt library of materials, doors, windows, and furniture, users can also import their libraries
  • Plans are auto-generated from the model
  • Save views for presentation, enable shadows, create orthographic views and diagrams
  • Import and export: AutoCad drawings, SketchUp models, Rhino, Revit, and 3ds Max models (as .fbx)

How to Access Snaptrude

Snaptrude is a cloud-based tool that runs on a browser. No download is necessary. Create an account on Snaptrude's website. Students can access the full Pro version by signing up with their university email ID.

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