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Smart Access Control System in Burlington House Manchester | 2N

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    Security access control
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    residential building
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    simple to use, remote configuration and management, multiple functions in one interface
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Burlington House is an exclusive new-built project located in the heart of Manchester. This stunning property consists of a total of 91 luxury waterfront apartments set over 11 floors.

The Challenge

Considering Burlington House is recognised as the residential benchmark in digital connectivity (having a prestigious WiredScore Silver Rating), everything has been thought through in detail. When the Leeds-based property investor, Town Centre Securities PLC, began planning construction, they focused in particular on high-end design and the latest ‘smart technology’ features. As a result, Security Design, the integrator and our partner, defined the following requirements:

  • A scalable access control system with smart features
  • High-quality design and exclusivity
  • Reliable and innovative IP access units with the latest Bluetooth technology
  • Ease of administration, configuration and installation
  • A cost-effective solution

Why choose 2N?

  • Convenient and Secure Access
    The 2N keyless entry solution is simple to use; tenants can securely access their apartment using the 2N® Mobile Key app on their smartphone. Once their mobile device is synced, they can simply touch the outdoor module to gain entry.
  • Simple Administration
    The configuration and management of the complete access system is ensured by 2N® Access Commander and can be done remotely. Through the graphical user interface, access permissions and specific functions are set in bulk, such as who has access to specific doors.
  • Seamless Integration
    Thanks to the integration of the 2N access solution with other systems, tenants can enjoy all the functions of their smart apartment from one interface, including answering visitors, opening doors and receiving notifications.

The Solution


The sleek looking 2N® IP Verso audio-visual intercom was selected for the front door as it offers unique modularity, luxury design and enhances capabilities. The intercom has a digital touchscreen display with Bluetooth/RFID readers and a Touch Keypad, therefore using the modularity exactly according to the user requirements. In addition to the
RFID cards, a mobile phone can be used for identifi cation. Residents only need the 2N® Mobile Key app on their smartphones. The user can then enter the door by pressing a button in the app, or at the touch of a reader.

Smart Access Control System in Burlington House Manchester


2N Access Units with Bluetooth were installed at the doors to each apartment, including the package room, bike room and car park. This solution allows each tenant to use their mobile phone as a means of identifi cation to gain entry throughout the residential complex.

Smart Access Control System in Burlington House Manchester


2N® Indoor Touch answering units were installed in all of the apartments. The stylish internal communicator has an impressive 7" colour touchscreen display with resistant glass protection and the ability to integrate with home automation systems. Tenants can control not only communication with visitors at the door and access, they can also manage their air-conditioning systems, lighting, CCTV camerasand blinds. The home screen can even display the current weather forecast.


When a courier or vendor arrives at the front door, a digital message on the Verso home screen directs them to a special button that sends a video alert to Burlington House’s concierge service. When the concierge service answers the call, they can visually verify the individual through the intercom camera before unlocking the front door. The concierge can then unlock the door to the package room so the courier can securely store the delivery. At the same time, the concierge sends a message to the intended recipient
letting them know that they have a package waiting.

Smart Access Control System in Burlington House Manchester

"The 2N access system ensures quality protection for our residential complex. As a system administrator, simplicity of use was my main focus. 2N Access Commander is a well-designed system that allows the status of devices in the access control system to be monitored in real time. We appreciate the wide range of options offered by the application interface, which allows us to link and update the access components with other technologies in the building."

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