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Tables - Actiflex | Federico Giner
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Tables - Actiflex | Federico Giner

  • Use

    Interior furniture
  • Applications

    Classroom, office
  • Characteristics

    Wood and steel structure, multiple shapes and sizes
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Federico Giner

More about this product

The Actiflex table series includes mobile and multi-purpose tables made by Federico Giner. All Actiflex tables are modular and have legs with wheels, making it easy to combine tables and accommodate large or small groups of people. Actiflex tables are available in a large range of shapes.

Actiflex Table Sizing

Federico Giner follows Spanish and European safety standards to ensure comfortable and functional furniture for schools. Sizing for Actiflex tables is determined on the basis of anthropometric and ergonomic studieSizes, and the measures promote good posture for students and less fatigue during use.

Size Table Height
Size 1 460mm
Size 2 530mm
Size 3 590mm
Size 4 640mm
Size 5 710mm
Size 6 780mm

Actiflex Table Shapes

Mopac - circular shape with small cutout and four legs

Mopac Table | Actiflex

Diamond - diamond shape with four legs

Diamond Table | Actiflex

Loop - pillow shape with four legs

Loop Table | Actiflex

Kite - trapezoidal shape with four legs

Kite Table | Actiflex

Bend - semicircle shape with central cutout and six legs

Bend Table | Actiflex

Link - rectangular shape with four legs

Link Table | Actiflex

Moon - round moon shape with four legs

Moon Table | Actiflex

Half - semicircle shape

Half Table | Actiflex

Polygon - circular shape with three small cutouts and six legs

Polygon Table | Actiflex

Contact manufacturer

Federico Giner

Contact manufacturer

Contact manufacturer

Federico Giner

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