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Sliding Window - Z° | Orama Minimal Frames
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Sliding Window - Z° | Orama Minimal Frames

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  • Characteristics

    Minimum visual impact, minimal labyrinth, hand-made parts, invisible drainage, adjustable base, smooth sliding, thermally broken, sound broken, safety, quick assembly
  • Sizes

    Minimum profile facing width: 24 mm | Maximum sliding leaf height: 6,5 m | Maximum sliding leaf width: 3 m | Maximum sliding leaf weight: 500 kg | Maximum sliding leaf area: 16 m² | Maximum fixed leaf area: 21 m²
  • Certification

    Uw values (depending on glass type & dimension): From 0,7 to 1,7 W/m2K, Air permeability: EN 12207 : Class 4, Resistance to rain penetration: EN 12208 – Class 7A, Resistance to wind loads: EN 12210 – Class C5, Sound insulation: up to 39 dB, Resistance to burglary: ENV 1627, Accessibility: DIN 18040 - 2

More about this product

Orama Minimal Frames develops minimal aluminum frames for windows and doors, with certifications for high standards in thermal insulation, sound isolation and safety. All aluminum windows can be specified with OMICRON double glazing for a maximum leaf weight up to 500kg or ΩMEGA triple glazing systems for leaf weights up to 1000kg.

Sliding over a thin slot in the floor, Z° windows seamlessly merge the outside with the inside. The windows slide over a 1cm-wide slot in the floor. The space between tracks is covered with the same flooring material, which creates a continuous space.


  • Each sliding leaf running on at least 8 stainless steel wheels
  • Trouble-free and invisible water drainage
  • Two-point locking device for additional safety
  • Adjustable base to overcome construction imperfections
  • All parts thermally broken
  • Available in double (Omicron) or triple (Ωmega) glazing
  • Glass thickness: up to 36mm for Omicron and up to 54mm for Ωmega
  • A hidden ceiling track is also available.


    The motor automates the Orama Minimal Frames sliding for large and heavy window panes up to 800kg
  • NET
    The Insect Screen NET gives the opportunity to use open windows at all hours of the day
    Specifications: Opening 0mm concealed net, 17mm exterior net, 40mm exterior net* no exterior handle. Max height up to 3m
  • POST
    POST offers identical profiles between fix panes without disrupting the facade rhythm

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