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Leak Repair System - Krystol | Kryton
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Leak Repair System - Krystol | Kryton

  • Use

    Waterproofing, construction materials, leak repair
  • Applications

    Repairing leaking cracks, construction joints, honeycombed concrete
  • Characteristics

    Stops the flow of water immediately, self-sealing concrete cracks, waterproof, hydrostatic pressure, chemical attack resistance

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More about this product

To ensure architectural designs for concrete structures remain standing for years to come, maintenance is necessary. In some cases, that might mean protecting the concrete from full-on leaks or leaking cracks.

The Krystol® Leak Repair System can effectively address either repair issue with a simple three-step process.

To start, a worker needs to prepare the leak or leaking crack by chiseling a chase into the concrete. Then, the system’s first solution, the rapid-setting cement product Krystol Plug is inserted into the chase, permanently stopping water flow even when under high water pressure. The second solution, Krystol Repair Grout™, is added after, filling up the rest of the chase with Krystol® technology. That allows the grout to react to any nearby water and unhydrated cement particles, creating self-sealing crystals that interlock with each other to fill in the pores and micro-cracks of concrete.

In return, that effectively blocks out water penetration and seals cracks up to 0.5 mm. For full protection against water penetration, the system’s final solution, Krystol T1®, is then added, applying more Krystol technology and reducing the likelihood of future leaks developing.

It’s a comprehensive simple system designed to permanently repair concrete structures and transform them into their very own waterproof barrier, reducing the need for costly repairs in the future.

Typical Applications

  • Repairing leaking cracks and construction joints
  • Anchoring bolts and ornamental iron firmly
  • Providing sealing around pipes and metal fixtures in masonry concrete
  • Repairing spalled or honeycombed concrete
  • Acting as a waterproof plaster on masonry walls
  • Plugging and sealing construction form tie holes

Solution Benefits

  • A permanent repair for the life of the concrete
  • A simple and easy application process
  • Elimination of the risk of costly call-backs
  • Repairs from the positive or negative side

About Kryton

As a leader in Smart Concrete® technologies for over 45 years, Kryton has supplied unique, designer-friendly concrete waterproofing, durability, and monitoring solutions to architects and other building professionals across the world throughout 50 countries. Several of these solutions have won the World of Concrete’s Most Innovative Product Award, and some have gone on to add more to that prestige by helping architects all over achieve silver or gold LEED certifications for their building designs. To ensure this quality remains consistent, Kryton supports those who use these award-winning solutions with in-depth application instructions, CAD details, technical consultations, and industry-leading warranty programs. Kryton also works to better the building process for the construction community as a whole. As a result, the company publishes informational newsletters and articles and is a contributing member to a number of thought-leading organizations, including the American Concrete Institute, the International Concrete Repair Institute, and the American Shotcrete Association.

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