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Punto Parkour | Punto Design
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Punto Parkour | Punto Design

  • Use

    Outdoor Exercise and activities
  • Applications

    Public outdoor spaces
  • Characteristics

    Material: Slip-resistant HPL plastic.

More about this product

Punto Parkour is a new and unique development of Punto Design Company. It offers a few different types of parkour grounds, designed for parkour training in public spaces. Punto Design Company have created elements that will help people to master the parkour technique safely and comfortably.

All grounds are designed according to the international standard (DIN16899-2018), ensuring all parkour elements are coated in a slip-resistant material.

Advantages of Punto parkour from the Punto Design Company include:

  • Variability: Punto Parkour offer several options of ground sets, giving one the ability to create unique set-ups even in small areas. Three different set-ups are shown in the image gallery.
  • The equipment provides something for all levels of preparation and situations: Having been designed with many angles, and several types of surfaces allow for different levels of skills to develop in jumping, landing, and balancing. (These all meet the international safety standards mentioned above).
  • Materials: Punto Design Company use slip-resistant HPL plastic which fits the standards for parkour grounds.
  • Unique Design: Punto Design Company have designed to the smallest details. They offer several options of color solutions for sites, which will allow it to be built-in almost any project. The letters are made in a gray color scheme, which is a feature of material. The inserts can be made from any colour available from Punto, it is also possibile to make an individual illumination for the lettering. The letters are available in both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet

Punto Design Company have also created product videos including a virtual tour of a Parkour set up, and how the set up can be packed up.

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