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Metal Coatings - Fluropon Effects | Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings
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Metal Coatings - Fluropon Effects | Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings

  • Use

    Protective metal coating
  • Applications

    Metal wall panel systems, metal roofing, curtain walls, louvers, sunshades
  • Characteristics

    Shiny, sparkle, durable, customizable, bold, vibrant

More about this product

The Fluropon(R) Effects family of 70% PVDF metal coatings from Sherwin William Coil Coatings offers special effects colors that shift, shine, and sparkle. This color innovation delivers brilliant hues and mesmerizing effects that have never before been achieved in exterior architectural coatings.

Specify Fluropon Effects coatings on metal wall panel systems, metal roofing, curtain wall, louvers, sunshades, and other aluminum building products to create an eye-catching effect for your next project.

The Fluropon Effects family consists of:

  • Fluropon Effects Nova - Fluropon Effects Nova delivers high-intensity sparkle in nearly any color you can dream up. Available in a gold or silver effect, Nova can be combined with any existing Fluropon color to deliver maximum sparkle and weathering performance for exterior metal building products.
  • Fluropon Effects Kameleon - Fluropon Effects Kameleon features a full spectrum of colors that appear to shift when viewed from different angles or in changing lighting. These color shifts are fully customizable and range from subtle to bold and vibrant.

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