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Doors - VEKAMOTION 82 Max | VEKA
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Doors - VEKAMOTION 82 Max | VEKA

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    Residential, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Excellent heat and sound insulation, barrier-free threshold, maximum glass proportion
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More about this product

VEKAMOTION 82 is a lift-and-slide door system from VEKA designed to let in more light than the average system with an optimised sealing system giving excellent heat and sound insulation. The door has a new PVC threshold for barrier-free comfort without additional measures and the possibility to simply integrate high-quality shading and privacy solutions. New product details ensure standard-compliant building waterproofing. Design variant VEKAMOTION 82 MAX has the maximum glass proportion:

  • Internal view of only 28 mm
  • Visible glass area additionally 7 cm in width and 13 cm in height
  • Frame construction of VEKAMOTION 82 MAX can be almost completely plastered over for almost frameless external views
  • Compatible with the SOFTLINE 82 system platform

Materials and Finishes

There is a wide range of design options with the new VEKA SPECTRAL surface finish, film lamination and aluminium covers available.

  • Extruded rigid PVC with white smooth, homogeneous surface
  • VEKA SPECTRAL surface finish or film lamination in wood or plain colours possible
  • Finished optionally on one or both sides
  • Surface structure smooth or grained (colours according to VEKA colour chart)
  • Aluminium covers
  • Sealing system with two sealing levels made of high-quality material
  • Seal colours: grey or black
  • Glazing options: Single glazing, double or triple glazing, safety glazing, soundproof glazing, special glazing
  • Pane thickness: from 24 to 54 mm

VEKAMOTION 82 lift-and-slide door systems have up to 20% reduced sash sight lines compared to previous solutions offering more light and space. With the VEKAMOTION 82 MAX design variant, the frame construction can be almost completely plastered over for an almost frameless exterior view. With VEKAMOTION 82, large-format elements with a high proportion of glass and requirements for accessibility can be realised safely. VEKAMOTION 82 offers superior living comfort and attractive design, accessibility and an optimised sealing system. At the same time, the desire for increasingly large-format elements with a high proportion of glass is taken into account.

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