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Stool - Silver | Interstuhl
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Stool - Silver | Interstuhl

  • Use

    Interior furniture
  • Applications

    Corporate, residential
  • Characteristics

    Made with non-combustible materials for fire safety, vertical integration process gives an added-value chain and reduced transport during manufacture and production, made in Germany with sustainable practices
  • Sizes

    Total inches: H: 23 2/3 / W(Ar): 22 3/4 / D: 23 1/4

More about this product

Finding its origins in an office environment, the Silver product design has been designed for both community and privacy. Interstuhl set out to create an object which, in its many guises, can be an integral part of or a perfectly matched addition to any location - and has just as much impact when standing alone.


  • Seat inches: H: 16 1/4 - 20 1/4
  • Total inches: H: 23 2/3 / W(Ar): 22 3/4 / D: 23 1/4


  • Surfaces: silver, white
  • Fabrics: SG3, HP4, LG7
  • Options:
    Metal parts coated / Metal parts brushed
    Alu Base four legs/Alu Base five legs
    Hard/soft glides
    Hard/soft double castors

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