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Solar Window | Mitrex
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Solar Window | Mitrex

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  • Applications

    Fixed windows, punch windows, curtain walls, window walls, skylights
  • Characteristics

    Fully-customizable, versatile, simple installation, durable, strong

More about this product

Mitrex integrated solar windows generate clean energy using their patented photovoltaic technology. The technology used in Mitrex Solar Windows varies between thin-film and monocrystalline solar cells, depending on the application.

The Solar Windows are fully customizable in terms of transparency, application, and size. Creative use of gradients allows designers and architects to maximize solar cell coverage while paying attention to aesthetics. The solar cells conform to the building design, with no perceivable difference between energy and non-energy-generating surfaces.


Mitrex products allow building owners to generate an income passively from any window touched by the sun. Mitrex Building Integrated Photo Voltaics (BIPV) solutions are surprisingly economical when considering the cost of typical windows since these products allow for a return on investment.


The Mitrex manufacturing facility contains a high-tech production line that can produce any type of window fast and efficiently. Each window made in the facility is rigorously tested to ensure performance and safety standards are exceeded.

Application & Installation

Mitrex Solar Windows has limitless applications, including fixed windows, punch windows, curtainwalls, window walls, skylights, and more. These products are not only versatile in functionality, but every application can be fully customized for proper integration. Not only are Mitrex's Solar Windows methodically designed to integrate the solar cells, but the installation of the windows is simple. By maintaining consistency with conventional installation standards, Mitrex guarantees that the process is simple and easy for consumers.

Window Composition

Mitrex solar integrated glazed window systems consist of glass layers separated by an aluminum frame and various spacers to ensure the highest insulation level.

Exterior Glass:
  • Front:
    • Heat-tempered
    • Low iron glass
    • Laminated
    • Thickness: 3.2 or 4 mm
  • Cells:
    • Monocrystalline or thin-film technology
  • Back:
    • Heat-tempered
    • Low-E, low iron, or regular glass
    • Laminated
    • Thickness: 3.2 or 4 mm
Air space: Separates two panes of glass
Airpath for ventilation
Limits noise control
Provides thermal insulation
Interior Glass: Thickness: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm
Low-E, low iron, or regular glass

Energy Efficient, High Strength Window Systems

Mitrex window systems are structurally integral and maintain their insulating value over time to ensure long-term energy efficiency. They use the most advanced technology to maximize visible light transmittance and minimize the solar heat gain coefficient. This ensures that their systems generate as much energy as possible while controlling reflections and glares on the buildings’ envelope.

Mitrex Solar Windows also use window glazing to manage energy efficiency. Mitrex window systems feature glazed windows, with the exterior glass layer consisting of two glass panels. The glazing improves the thermal insulation of the system.

Types of Glass

Mitrex can use a variety of glass depending on the application, operation, architectural needs, and energy generation goals. Each glass type results in a unique appearance and set of properties for any window system.

  • Low Iron Glass - The low iron glass contains less iron, resulting in extremely clear glass that increases light transparency, maximizing brightness and clarity. Applications requiring an unrestricted view can see incredible results with low iron glass compared to regular glass.
  • Regular Glass - Regular glass is cooled very slowly to avoid tension or compression breaks and allow cuts, reshaping, and polishing. Mitrex can rework the glass to a heat-tempered, laminated glass that has both incredible strength and durability. While regular glass is not the clearest on the market due to its higher iron content, it is an option that is designed with safety in mind. Mitrex regular glass is available in various colors, designs, and patterns to allow for the integration of architectural elements.
  • Low E Coating - Mitrex offers a low-E coating as a passive solar control in all their glass products. Mitrex can apply a transparent, thin low-E coating to the interior glass pane that minimizes the UV and infrared light without compromising the amount of visible light that enters your home.

Limitless Design Possibilities With Mitrex

Mitrex Solar Windows has transformed a traditional, single-purpose building material into an energy-producing, sustainable, revenue-generating, aesthetically-pleasing, multi-purpose material.

Transparent Mitrex transparent glass panes use thin-film technology to achieve a see-through glass look. The level of transparency of this glass can be customized depending on the architectural designs.
Semi-Transparent This cell arrangement uses monocrystalline silicon solar cells and features non-solar areas of transparency and opaque solar areas on the glass panels
Semi-Opaque This option is beneficial when areas of the glass require visibility and light transmittance to the interior
Transitional Mitrex's transitional application features a gradient of monocrystalline solar cells that fade from solar to non-solar glass. This allows architects and design professionals to design with solar energy generating building materials with ease.

Features & Benefits:

  • Design Flexibility
  • Solar Energy
  • Versatile Applications
  • Renewable Energy
  • Lowers Carbon Footprint
  • Advanced Solar Technology
  • Transparency Options
  • Seamless Integration
  • Solar Cell Gradients
  • Revenue Generating
  • Cost-Effective
  • Free Maintenance
  • Fast Production
  • Automated Factory
  • Innovative Manufacturing Line
  • Unlimited Applications
  • High-Performance Windows
  • Any Structure
  • Fast and Simple
  • Standard Installation Methods
  • Full-Services

Solar Panel Recycling Processes

Mitrex uses two types of solar technology: silicon and thin-film photovoltaics. These types can both be recycled through different industrial processes. Currently, silicon-based panels are more common, so the impact of recycling these panels is drastic, though the value of recycling thin-film-based cells is also important as their use becomes more common.

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