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Solar Roof | Mitrex
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Solar Roof | Mitrex

  • Use

    Green energy generation, roof-top solar
  • Applications

    Residential, new build, existing structures
  • Characteristics

    Durable, fire-resistant, easy installation, matches existing roof
  • Guarantee

    Color and power output are guaranteed for 25 years

More about this product

Mitrex Solar Roof modules allow homeowners to generate clean, green, renewable energy without altering the aesthetic appearance of their roof. The frameless Solar Roof comes in manageable sizes so that even smaller areas can be utilized for electricity generation. Anti-reflective and anti-soiling coatings ensure maximum efficiency. Mitrex modules can take on the appearance of the most popular roofing patterns and utilize fade-resistant colors, allowing for visual integration with non-solar sections of the roof.

Mitrex Solar Roof panels feature frameless modules that maximize the surface area of energy generation and allow for a seamless, flawless look on the rooftop. In comparison, traditional rooftop panels have unattractive frames that hinder adoption due to poor aesthetics. The panels can be purchased with the Mitrex aluminum honeycomb backing for improved strength and durability or purchased without the honeycomb structure. Regardless of the application, Mitrex Solar Roof is an available, sustainable option that allows everyone to reduce carbon emissions. The installation methods are the same as traditional rooftop panels, meaning that any certified installer can install them anywhere


Mitrex Solar Roof modules allow homeowners to passively generate revenue through the clean, solar energy produced. Homeowners can profit from solar energy by having Mitrex Solar Roofs installed on their homes, without compromising design and quality.


All Mitrex modules conform to North American standards. The manufacturing facilities efficiently produce high-quality Solar Roof modules. The fully automated Mitrex factory enables them to commercialize production while ensuring excellence.

Applications & Installation

Mitrex Solar Roof modules can be easily incorporated into any rooftop, from new buildings to existing structures. Solar Roof modules utilize the same method of installation as regular rooftop solar panels - they are frameless and installed with standard brackets. The color and power output are guaranteed for 25 years, outlasting asphalt shingles.

Features & Benefits:

  • Clean Energy Production
  • North American Standard
  • Long-Lasting and Durable
  • Safe and Fire Resistant
  • UV-Stable Colours
  • Standard Installation
  • 25-Year Guarantee
  • Revenue Generating

The Problem of Traditional Rooftop Solar

One problem with traditional rooftop solar panels is the look of the panels. The look of conventional blue-black solar panels often ruins the architectural design of residential homes. However, at Mitrex, they believe that sustainability should not be a burden on design. To this end, they have designed solar roof modules that match the appearance of typical rooftop building materials, are easy to install, and are priced competitively, all to allow for mass adoption of solar energy.

Traditional Rooftop Solar Panels Mitrex Solar Roof
Aesthetically-Pleasing No Yes
Frameless Options No Yes
Easy to Install Yes Yes
Code Compliant Yes Yes
Design Flexibility Multi-Purpose No Yes
Product Warranty Yes Yes
Multi-Purpose No Yes

Solar Panel Recycling Processes

Mitrex uses two types of solar technology: silicon and thin-film photovoltaics. These types can both be recycled through different industrial processes. Currently, silicon-based panels are more common, so the impact of recycling these panels is drastic, though the value of recycling thin-film-based cells is also important as their use becomes more common.

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