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Solar Panels | Mitrex
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Solar Panels | Mitrex

  • Use

    Green energy production
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, solar farm
  • Characteristics

    Low-maintenance, efficient, durable, easy installation
  • Certification

    Contribute to LEED points
  • Guarantee

    25-Year Product Warranty

More about this product

Mitrex Solar Panels generate green and sustainable energy. The frameless solar panels maximize the area of energy-producing solar cells to generate more electricity than standard panels. Anti-reflective and anti-soiling coatings also ensure maximum efficiency and make the panels virtually maintenance-free.


All Mitrex Solar Panels are produced in their Canadian factory and are made to North American standards. The customized and fully automated manufacturing facilities mass-produce solar panels without compromising quality.


Mitrex Solar Panels can be installed anywhere there is sunlight. They are suitable for use on residential rooftops and commercial buildings. They can also be used for utility-scale installations of solar farms and over agricultural fields.


Mitrex Solar Panels are installed just like regular solar panels. Any qualified installer can install the panels and wiring.

Features & Benefits:

  • Frameless Modules
  • Green Energy
  • Standard Installation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Reduces Carbon Emissions
  • High Efficiency
  • Fast Production
  • North American Standard
  • Automated Manufacture
  • Utility-Scale
  • Residential Scale
  • Limitless Applications
  • Standard Installation
  • Fast and Simple
  • Anti-Soiling Coating

Solar Panel Recycling Processes

Mitrex uses two types of solar technology: silicon and thin-film photovoltaics. These types can both be recycled through different industrial processes. Currently, silicon-based panels are more common, so the impact of recycling these panels is drastic, though the value of recycling thin-film-based cells is also important as their use becomes more common.

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