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Balcony Glazing - SL Modular | Solarlux
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Balcony Glazing - SL Modular | Solarlux

  • Use

    Balcony glazing, balcony balustrade
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial
  • Characteristics

    Flush-mounted view, sound reduction, modular system, controlled drainage, dry glazing, thermal insulation, customizable colors available

More about this product

The SL Modular thermally insulated balcony system from Solarlux creates balcony living spaces while providing various levels of weather protection. It consists of a circumferential profile frame and a horizontal parapet bar. The balustrade can be designed with transparent or opaque elements in accordance with TRAV (Technical Rules for Fall-Proof Glazing). The thermally insulated SL Modular achieves sound insulation of up to 45 dB and meets the requirements of the EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance). The advanced construction of the thermal façade saves energy costs by reducing the building's external surface area. The glazing protects balconies and adjacent building components - especially sensitive floor slabs - from the effects of the weather in the long term.

Above the parapet, the balcony system can combine with the heat-insulated SL 60e folding glass wall, which can be unfolded across the entire width of the room. Thus, in good weather, the living room can transform into an open balcony. With sliding-turning glazing, the SL Modular offers an all-glass balcony look while protecting the building fabric. The system is modular and comes prefabricated for short installation times.

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