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Mortars | Nelissen
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Mortars | Nelissen

  • Use

    Brick joints
  • Applications

    Exterior, interior, new projects, renovations
  • Characteristics

    Water-resistant, dust-free, strong, durable

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More about this product

Nelissen has three types of mortar for use with brickwork construction; joint mortar, thin-bed mortar, and adhesive mortar. Each option produces significant differences in a facade appearance and can be specified to suit a range of different project appliactions.

Joint Mortar

In traditional masonry, joints of 10 mm to 12 mm are common, but that does not mean there are no other options. Furthermore, it's not easy to choose the correct colour of the joints. The joint can cover up to 25% of the façade and thus it largely determines the appearance of the façade. Adding a light colour, for example, emphasizes the colour of the bricks whereas a dark colour gives the façade a darker look. It is also possible to work tone on tone, making the colour more intense.

The SEIFERT® JOINT MORTAR from Nelissen is composed of exquisite raw materials, dried and prepared in special ovens. It is water-resistant and dust-free grout for grouting masonry for both new constructions and renovation projects.

Thin-bed Mortar

When using thin-bed mortar or adhesive mortar other joint widths apply. The joint width is in fact so small that grouting afterwards becomes unnecessary. The façade gets a more massive image and the colour intensity increases.

SEIFERT® thin-bed mortars from Nelissen are an alternative for bonded facing bricks. It means traditional masonry with a trowel, but with joint thicknesses from 4mm to 8mm. After processing, thin-bed mortar has the same aesthetic properties as bonded masonry but with much higher bond strength than traditional masonry. The mortar is recessed and during the masonry, the mortar is possibly drawn deep with the jointer so that it is no longer necessary to grout. Unlike adhesive mortars, very jagged brick sizes can be processed with a thin joint.

Adhesive Mortar

Glued bricks give a unique character to the façade. The colour of the brick determines the appearance of the façade. In a traditional masonry façade, the joints cover 25% of the surface. With a glued façade you mainly see the bricks. This increases the colour intensity.

The ADHESIVE MORTAR SEIFERT® from Nelissen is a dust-free mortar for bonding both absorbent and non-absorbent bricks with a joint height of 3 mm to 6 mm.

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