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2N Home Automation in Luxembourg Apartments | 2N
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2N Home Automation in Luxembourg Apartments | 2N

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    Home automation
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    Reliable, functional, innovative system control, easy configuration, and installation

More about this product

La Cloche d'Or is a new district in Luxembourg City that heralds its self as a 'smart city'. The residences in this district are well-appointed apartments with contemporary design and smart-home features. The challenge for the property developer was to create a completely connected neighborhood where all of the apartments are equipped with an integrated, reliable system. The same applied to the safety of residents and the protection of their property.

The brief for the smart home system in residences for this area was to:

  • Deliver an integrated, open, and reliable system
  • Provide residents with simple and secure digital access
  • The ability to answer the door from anywhere in the world
  • Easy integration with a home automation system

This brief was met and the developer's expectations exceeded with the use of 2N products in collaboration with Dovit Home Automation. There were 3 keys to this success;

  • Seamless Integration - The integration of 2N and Dovit home automation has allowed the homeowners to access all the functions of their smart-home through one interface, including receiving visitors, opening doors, and receiving notifications.
  • Convenient and Secure Access - Owners and tenants can securely access their apartments using an NFC/RFID reader. Once their mobile device is synced, they can simply touch the outdoor module to gain entry (their mobile can even remain in their pocket).
  • Modularity - The 2N® IP Verso provides additional options for access technologies that can be added in the future, e.g. Bluetooth module, Fingerprint Reader module, and Touch Keypad module.

Three products from the 2N range were used to deliver this solution along with Dovit's Smart Home solution;

2N® IP VERSO - A total of 82 2N® IP Verso intercoms were installed at each of the entrances to provide secure access to over 1,200 apartments. The IP Verso was selected mainly due to its modularity, luxury design, and enhanced capabilities.

2N® MOBILE KEY APP - Residents only need the 2N® Mobile Key app on their smartphones. The user can then enter the door by pressing a button in the app, or at the touch of a reader.

2N® MOBILE VIDEO APP - In addition, residents can monitor what is happening outside their entrance via the 2N® Mobile Video app, which also allows them to open the door from any place around the world.

Dovit’s Smart Home solution then connects the 2N intercoms to all multimedia devices (touch screen, TV, smartphone, etc.). Residents control all of the functions of their Smart Home (lights, blinds, temperature and security system), including visitor calling and door control, from one interface.

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