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Solar Control in Siemens HQ | BANDALUX
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Solar Control in Siemens HQ | BANDALUX

  • Use

    Solar and thermal control
  • Applications

    Internal, external
  • Characteristics

    Solar control, thermal comfort, thermal regulation, energy efficiency

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More about this product

Located in Milan, Italy, the Siemens HQ building is referred to as Galileo and is designed around two courtyards to create an 'E' shaped building form. The design concept follows the ethos of Siemens and emphasizes the idea of 'intelligent work' with large windows that provide natural light and support inter-personal relationships.

The architects - Barreca & La Varra - specified a combination of roller blinds from Bandalux to provide thermal and visual comfort to the building occupants. The combination of Premium Plus roller blinds internally and outdoors BSO allows complete control over the natural light allowing the regulation of the building temperature resulting in a highly energy-efficient building

Project Data:

Project Name Siemens HQ
Location Milan, Italy
Year 2019

Barreca & La Varra

Bandalux Solution Premium Plus BSO Polyscreen® 550 -350-501

Premium Plus roller blinds are customizable to suit individual project parameters due to their multiple guidance, drive, and installation options. Their minimalist design and an extra thin cover limit the gap between supports making them visually lighter.

BSO outdoor Venetian blinds The outdoor aluminum Venetian blinds, known as Brise Soleil Orientable (BSO), afford highly effective protection from the heat and sunlight: They afford precision sunlight management at any time of the day, thanks to their adjustable slats. Moreover, they fit into the façade of the building and reduce the effects of the heat, contributing to energy savings.

Polyscreen® 550 has a 5% openness factor, which guarantees an excellent balance between thermal efficiency and visual comfort. It provides energy savings for heating and air conditioning and is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and chlorine. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric, as it does not contain hazardous substances.

Polyscreen® 350 with a 10% openness factor, this indoor/outdoor Polyscreen® delivers the best visibility.

Polyscreen® 501 is part of the double-faced range; this means it always features a white exterior side, ensuring excellent thermal protection and enabling a unified facade look to customize the building interior.

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