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Dekton® Surfaces - Waterfall | Cosentino
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Dekton® Surfaces - Waterfall | Cosentino

  • Use

    Exterior cladding
  • Applications

    Façade and cladding
  • Characteristics

    Lightness and resistance, resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays, stain-resistant, cut to size, reduced water absorption, abrasion-resistant, carbon-neutral certified
  • Sizes

    Thickness: 12 mm
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More about this product

This 22-meter urban waterfall made entirely of Dekton, is the result of the collaboration between Cosentino and Waterforms International. The waterfall is inspired by the lush tropical landscapes of Indonesia and set on the main façade of a luxury residential building, welcoming visitors into an urban garden with over 5,000 tropical plants. Magnificent projects such as this are achieved when design and technique are married in a project.

Material Dekton
Architect Koichi Tikada
Collaborators Waterforms International
Colour Keyla

From Granite to Dekton

The project was initially planned in granite. However, technical difficulties began to appear when the designers brought the sketch to reality. The weight of the material and its high maintenance cost were big dampeners; the granite pieces connected with unsightly joints and in the end, the Waterforms International team dropped it in favor of a material with improved properties.

When they found the Dekton ultra-compact surface material, the slab size stood out as an immediate boon to the project, a larger format meant fewer joints and an overall more refined aesthetic result. On top of this, Dekton is lightweight, maintenance-free, and water-proof and had the exact texture the team was looking for.

Limitless Designs

For architects and designers working on projects with various technical difficulties, Cosentino's Dekton is a solution that excels everywhere from urban environments where maintenance is key, to high-traffic buildings where the material must be both resistant and versatile. The waterfall is not only visually stunning, but it also plays a vital role in the sustainable revolution happening in Australia's urban planning; not only for being manufactured sustainably, but also for the technical features that make it perfect for projects seeking energy efficiency but not at the expense of beauty.

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