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AUGmentecture with Lombard Consulting Engineers | AUGmentecture
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AUGmentecture with Lombard Consulting Engineers | AUGmentecture

  • Use

    Augmented reality
  • Applications

    Engineering consultant
  • Characteristics

    Virtual reality, architectural communication, 3D design, digital design

More about this product

Lombard Consulting Engineers are based in South Africa and provide multi-disciplinary consulting engineering services including, mechanical and electrical engineering. The staff of Lombard Consulting Engineers has experience in the building industry stretching back for more than 30 years.

There is a divide between consultants’ 3D design and engineering work and the 2D drawings used to construct the final structure. Consultants spend a great deal of time coordinating and detailing their work only for the contractors to resolve issues differently on-site because of omissions or ambiguities in the 2D drawings. There is a need to reduce errors on-site and to prevent abortive work resulting from contractors missing information.

Before AUGmentecture Lombard Consulting Engineers was using either paper-based systems or, to some extent, 3D PDFs. However, neither of the solutions gave the spatial awareness of AUGmentecure.

Lombard’s team spent a great deal of time looking for a platform to streamline the process of delivering 3D information to site. AUGmentecture was an obvious choice as it is simple and easy to use on the majority of handheld devices. Budget also comes into play as the app is cost-effective and does not require any specialist hardware. The Revit plugin streamlines the process of delivering 3D information to site in such a way that there is no confusion of what goes where.

The QR code makes this even easier as the QR code can be placed on any piece of information (Digital or Physical). In addition, the platform offers a ‘WOW’ factor when presenting to clients which not only impresses them but allows them to interact with the proposed design and study the details which are not always readily available on paper.

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