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AUGmentecture in PROJETO Magazine | AUGmentecture
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AUGmentecture in PROJETO Magazine | AUGmentecture

  • Use

    Augmented reality
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Virtual reality, architectural communication, 3D design, digital design

More about this product

PROJETO magazine, along with its online platform, is one of the most influential architectural magazines in Brazil. After 43 years, PROJETO has secured its position as the most influencial reference for Brazilian architects and built environment professionals.

PROJETO features articles about architecture and construction, detailing of facades, roofs and structures, technical drawings. It also presents interviews with consultants, designers and suppliers. PROJETO presents articles about projects with a focus on eco-efficiency, sustainability and energy efficiency.

As one of the largest and oldest companies in Brazil that presenting architectural trends, PROJETO magazine faced the challenges of a fast-paced world where communication is ever-changing and evolving rapidly. The company management knew that only publishing extra content on their website was not enough and sought new ideas on how to fuse digital communication tools with a traditional printed magazine.

In response to this challenge, AUGmentecture - an Augmented Reality solution - was combined with the printed magazine. QR codes illustrating buildings have been published in the articles that provide augmented reality experiences to the reader. This was a great cross between the printed and digital world. This partnership has also served to introduce AUGmentecture to the Brazilian market.

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