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Engineering - Mass Timber | StructureCraft
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Engineering - Mass Timber | StructureCraft

  • Use

    Design, fabrication, construction
  • Applications

    Mass timber engineering and construction
  • Characteristics

    Beautiful, biophilic, fire-resistant, sustainable, cost-efficient, structural performance, faster on-site construction, design versatility

More about this product

Efficient and beautiful mass timber structures, delivered smoothly.

StructureCraft is a pioneer in the use of mass timber in North America, with a turnkey project delivery (including full engineering services) bringing early design value and a kit-of-parts approach that improves speed to market. They come alongside the owner, architect, and contractor as the structural engineer and builder to bring mass timber buildings to reality.

StructureCraft has been building signature timber structures since 1998 and helped spark the modern mass timber “revolution” that is currently being experienced in North America. StructureCraft has demonstrated that through efficient design and construction, timber can be used competitively in multi-storey buildings.

StructureCraft has successfully engineered and built over 2 million sqft of timber buildings over the last 5 years, ranging from large multi-storey developer projects to smaller boutique projects. In addition to Glulam and CLT, many of these have utilized the mass timber product they manufacture, Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT).

Eliminate the guesswork

As a project partner, StructureCraft helps solve challenges that are unique to mass timber engineering and construction – not only related to structural systems but architectural and services as well.

Structurecraft has designed with every lateral system available in both seismic and non-seismic regions:

  • Concrete or CMU core
  • Braced frame (steel or wood)
  • CLT with hold downs
  • Post-tensioned CLT core walls with energy dissipators
  • Precast concrete
  • Light frame shear walls with mass timber panels
  • DLT shear walls


Mass timber provides design flexibility, environmental advantages, and cost benefits. Wood is one of the most sustainable means of construction, and mass timber building systems can offer an efficient solution for large-scale commercial buildings.

  • Beautiful
  • Biophilic
  • Fire Resistant
  • Sustainable
  • Cost-efficient
  • Structural Performance
  • Faster on-site Construction
  • Design Versatility

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