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Engineer-Build Delivery Model | StructureCraft
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Engineer-Build Delivery Model | StructureCraft

  • Use

    Engineering, building
  • Applications

    Wood and hybrid structures
  • Characteristics

    Integrated structural engineering and construction team, design efficiency, cost-efficiency, kit-of-parts construction, single party responsibility

More about this product

What if your structural engineer and builder were the same entity?

StructureCraft's unique vertically integrated approach consistently delivers beautiful and efficient hybrid structures, with unprecedented speed and mastery.

What is unique?

StructureCraft is first a structural engineering company, but unique in that the engineering is strongly informed by 23 years of practical experience actually building the structures they engineer. They are responsible from concept design to final delivery of the structure on site.

Across North America and abroad, StructureCraft partners with architects, owners, and general contractors to engineer-build timber and hybrid structures that people love to own and use.

Key features of StructureCraft’s model:

Engineering Building
  • World-renowned structural engineers
  • Fresh ideas (informed by knowledge of all related disciplines)
  • Leading 3D and computational design
  • Teamwork that adds value from concept design phase
  • Early reliable pricing
  • Single party responsibility
  • Experienced PM and site erectors
  • “Kit-of-parts” construction
  • Schedule savings (significant)
  • Few if any Change Orders
  • Delivery of a beautiful structure

Elements of Success

Efficient Design. Early Price Certainty. Build with confidence.

Early structural schemes

With StructureCraft, you are partnering with an Engineer-Builder with over 35 years of experience as Engineer of Record, in all structural materials, who has won numerous national and international awards for creative engineering. They love to help you find solutions that are not only efficient and fit the budget but create beauty and simplicity in the architecture.


Seamlessly connected teams

With StructureCraft, you have an integrated Engineer, 3D modeler, fabricator, and installer efficiently joining the seams. This synthesizes and smooths out the building process, minimizing RFIs and change orders, scope-creep and cost overruns, re-design, and schedule delays.


Engineering fully in tune with the latest in fabrication and construction techniques

StructureCraft has state-of-the-art CNC and custom-made machinery and is constantly finessing the art of design, prefabrication, and construction. They are fully responsible and stand behind the structures they deliver.


Coordination with Other Trades

As designer and builder, StructureCraft cares about details, in planning advice, and in the field.

University of Idaho Basketball Arena | Image: University of Idaho Creative Services

Experienced site installers

Site installation has been a part of their mandate since StructureCraft began. It runs smoothly because their installers are in-step with their engineers and project managers, who have worked together for many years.


Exposed structures should be beautiful and efficient, and this is what StructureCraft consistently delivers.

StructureCraft’s Engineer-Build delivery model gives you the confidence that you will end up with a timber or hybrid project that is beautifully and efficiently engineered, built on budget, and with schedule savings over other methods and materials.

“There are plenty of fabricators in the mass timber market today who can competitively supply individual components such as beams and columns, and floor planks, but turnkey subcontractors, like StructureCraft, have proven to be reliable and trustworthy partners.” - Don Powell, Principal BOKA Powell Architects

The Engineer-Build Process

1) Engineering

  • Structural EOR
  • 3D Modelling & Computational Design
  • Seismic & Dynamic analysis
  • Pre-construction Management

2) Procurement & Fabrication

  • Modeling & Shop Drawings
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication

3) Installation

  • Final Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Logistics
  • Site Installation

Get early design input and pricing where StructureCraft’s experienced engineers discuss with you options for a timber or hybrid structure. Contact them today.

A little bit of history

When Gerald Epp started StructureCraft he was faced with the fact that many of the leading edge structures he was designing with progressive architects were new to the building industry. There simply were no builders that had the experience, and they were risk-averse. And owners needed cost certainty before moving ahead with a project that was often without precedent. StructureCraft gives that certainty on both cost and buildability, before proceeding with the design.

StructureCraft has developed a complete holistic response to bringing such certainty to a project, with expert teams of structural engineers, computational designers, project managers, and fabrication and site installation specialists that have been doing this since their beginning. They operate from a state-of-the-art 50,000 sf office and fabrication plant in Abbotsford, Canada, which is the nerve center for exporting their services around the globe. They supply a well-designed, well-thought-out kit of parts that can be shipped anywhere and “clicked together” on-site by crews which are a composite of their own leaders, as well as local labour. StructureCraft has been successful using this approach for hundreds of often complex projects, with contracts ranging to greater than $10M.

While fresh, creative, practical structural engineering is at the heart of StructureCraft, they are also considered world leaders in the burgeoning field of computational design, which applies to both the engineering and the sometimes-complex geometry. These designers are quickly accessed by the project managers and fabrication leaders residing in the same office, allowing for cross-pollination of ideas (and common-sense solutions). Detailed erection drawings are developed by the same engineers that design the structure. Access to worldwide markets allows their project managers to match quality, price, and schedule to the demands of the project, allowing StructureCraft to consistently deliver structures above their client’s expectations, on time, and on budget.

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