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Engineer-Build Delivery Model | StructureCraft

  • Use

    Engineering, building
  • Applications

    Wood and hybrid structures
  • Characteristics

    Integrated engineering and building team, single party responsibility, cost-efficiency, kit-of-parts construction, design efficiency

More about this product

What if your engineer and builder were the same entity?

StructureCraft's unique vertically integrated approach consistently delivers beautiful and efficient hybrid structures, with unprecedented speed and mastery.

Engineering Building
  • World-renowned engineers
  • Fresh ideas (with knowledge of all disciplines)
  • Leading 3D and computational design
  • Teamwork that adds value from early concept design
  • Early reliable pricing
  • Single party responsibility
  • Experienced PM and site erectors
  • “Kit-of-parts” construction
  • Schedule savings (significant)
  • Few if any Change Orders
  • Delivery of a beautiful structure

Elements of Success

Efficient Design. Early Price Certainty. Build with confidence.

Exposed structures should be beautiful, yet they are easy to get wrong in a traditional delivery model.


  • Early structural schemes are often not necessarily the most efficient - With StructureCraft, designers are partnering with an Engineer-Builder with over 35 years of experience as Engineer of Record, in all structural materials, who has won numerous national and international awards for creative engineering. They love to help designers find solutions that are not only efficient and fit the budget but create beauty and simplicity in the architecture.

StructureCraft | T3 Minneapolis Office Building

  • Teams are not seamlessly connected, resulting in delays, change orders and cost escalation - With StructureCraft, designers have an integrated team: Engineer of Record, 3D modeler, fabricator, and installer efficiently joining the seams. This synthesizes and smooths out the building process, minimizing RFIs and change orders, scope-creep and cost overruns, re-design, schedule delays, and finger-pointing.

StructureCraft | Engineering Visualization

  • Engineering is not fully in tune with the latest in fabrication and construction techniques - StructureCraft is constantly finessing the art of design, prefabrication, and construction.

StructureCraft | Fabrication

  • Poor Coordination with Other Trades - As both the designer and builder, StructureCraft cares about these things - in planning advice, and in the field.

StructureCraft | UOFI

StructureCraft’s Engineer-Build delivery model gives designers the confidence that they will end up with a timber or hybrid project that is beautifully and efficiently engineered, built on budget, and with schedule savings over other methods.

“There are plenty of fabricators in the mass timber market today who can competitively supply individual components such as beams and columns, and floor planks, but turnkey subcontractors, like StructureCraft, have proven to be reliable and trustworthy partners.”

- Don Powell, Principal BOKA Powell Architects

The Engineer-Build Process

1) Engineering

  • Structural EOR
  • 3D Modelling & Computational Design
  • Includes Seismic & Dynamic Analysis
  • Pre-construction Management

2) Procurement & Fabrication

  • Final Engineering
  • Modeling & Shop Drawings
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication

3) Installation

  • Project Management
  • Logistics
  • Site Installation

Get early design input and pricing where StructureCraft's experienced engineers quickly discuss with you options for an efficient timber or hybrid structure.

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