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Structural Panel - Dowel Laminated Timber | StructureCraft
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Structural Panel - Dowel Laminated Timber | StructureCraft

  • Use

    Floor structures, wall structures, roof structures
  • Applications

    Multi-story mass timber buildings, commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial buildings, floor structure, wall structure, roof structure
  • Characteristics

    All-wood, structurally efficient, flexible, cost-efficient, high-performance, site efficient, low VOC, acoustic treatment, high fire-resistance
  • Certification

    DLT has an ICC report (ESR-4069) which constitutes code compliance with the IBC, for both structural and fire test

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More about this product

Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT) from StructureCraft is a mass timber product that can be used for floor, wall, and roof structures. These structural panels manufactured from standard dimensional lumber use hardwood dowels to laminate pre-milled boards together on edge, creating a panel that is particularly efficient for horizontal spans. Laminae can be custom-molded to client preferences.


All-wood. No Glue. No Nails.

  • DLT is the only all-wood mass timber product
  • DLT produces almost no VOCs or off-gassing and sequesters the most carbon by unit weight of any mass timber product on the market
  • With no metal fasteners, DLT panels are processed using CNC machinery and allow for easy onsite modifications if needed
  • ~3650lbs CO2 sequestered per ton, wood is the only renewable structural material
  • Virtually no site waste, due to optimized offsite prefabrication

Structural Efficiency

  • Greater structural efficiency for one-way spans – all wood fiber goes in the direction of the primary span
  • Single spans up to 60ft for roofs, 32ft for floors. Transverse (weak axis) cantilevers are easily achievable with internal reinforcement

Architectural Flexibility

  • A wide variety of surface profiles can be integrated inexpensively into the bottom surface of the panel
  • An acoustic profile can achieve noise reduction objectives while keeping the wood exposed
  • DLT's “fineline”, textured aesthetic highlights the beauty of wood
  • StructureCraft’s automated coating line allows for a variety of sealer and stain coatings to be inexpensively shop-applied to the exposed side of panels
  • DLT is made with a variety of wood species including SPF, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Spruce, and Western Red or Yellow Cedar

Economically Viable

  • Lower manufacturing costs due to high-speed production and removal of the need for gluing or nailing
  • Less volume of material due to structural efficiency
  • DLT utilizes standard dimensional lumber which is more cost-efficient to procure than lamstock


  • DLT has an ICC report (ESR-4069) which constitutes code compliance with the IBC, for both structural and fire design
  • High fire resistance - DLT has a particular advantage as all wood fiber is parallel to the primary span, and unlike CLT there is not an abrupt loss in strength when char reaches a layer perpendicular to the span. Fire testing has determined a 2hr fire resistance of an unrestrained load-bearing floor panel in accordance with ASTM E119, Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials, and CAN/ULC-S101, Standard Methods of Fire Endurance Test of Building Construction and Materials.
  • EPD - DLT is a sustainable alternative to conventional building materials, with a low carbon footprint as demonstrated by StructureCraft Environmental Product Declaration.

Site Efficiency

  • Speed of Construction — 25,000 sqft floor plate erected in as little as a week due to coordinated prefabricated elements
  • Reduced installation time with a “kit of parts”
  • Large panels, up to 12’ wide x 60’ long


  • Multi-story mass timber buildings
  • Commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial buildings
  • Floor structures
  • Wall structures
  • Roof structures

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