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Smart Concrete | Kryton
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Smart Concrete | Kryton

  • Use

    Waterproofing, construction materials
  • Applications

    Waterproofing: Below grades, bridge decks, tunnels, water tanks, wet rooms, dams, swimming pools, industrial facilities | Hardening: industrial manufacturing or distribution warehouses, highways, runways, parking structures
  • Characteristics

    Self-sealing concrete cracks, waterproof, hydrostatic pressure resistance, chemical attack resistance, abrasion resistance, erosion resistance

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More about this product

Concrete has been the material of choice for some of the most iconic structures in history and can last for centuries. Through ongoing innovation, this proven product can perform even better, last longer, and meet the needs of society in the 21st century. To that end, Kryton operates one of the largest concrete permeability research and development centers in North America. As a result, they have been able to create a line of innovative Smart Concrete solutions that improve the performance of concrete and enhance concrete construction overall.

With these solutions, architects don’t have to rely on costly surface-applied products that aren’t always that sustainable or capable of working well with their intended design. Instead, they get the best of both worlds. That’s because Smart Concrete is free of volatile organic compounds that could harm the environment, and it’s added directly to a project’s concrete mix, reducing the need for additional building materials and eliminating the need for surface-applied products. That allows architects to avoid potential application errors, which can otherwise put a project at risk. At the same time, the proactive technology in Smart Concrete enables concrete to permanently block water penetration and corrosion or to become even more resistant to abrasive and erosive wear (or do both!). On top of that, Smart Concrete helps concrete last twice as long as regular concrete, even in the harshest of conditions. It increases the service life of concrete structures, reducing a project’s need for maintenance and replacement of concrete material. All of which allows architects to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Advantage of Kryton Smart Concrete

  • Achieve greater design flexibility
  • Build to LEED Standards
  • Keep your project on time and on budget
  • Work time-proven technology
  • Use products tested with independent testing and certification
  • Get step-by-step application instructions
  • Save time and build faster

Kryton has a range of waterproofing solutions including:

  • Waterproofing admixture
  • Joint waterproofing
  • Waterproofing mortars
  • Surface-applied Waterproofing
  • Integral hardening
  • Concrete monitoring

Kryton Key Products

About Kryton

As a world leader in Smart Concrete technologies, Kryton knows how important it is that building products enhance, not hinder design capability, mitigating risk and optimizing sustainability. That’s why they offer time-proven solutions like the original concrete waterproofing admixture KIM and the integral hardening admixture Hard-Cem. Both come with decades of success stories for architects and other construction professionals worldwide. Those who have worked with KIM know that it is a non-toxic, LEED-worthy, permanent waterproofing solution with over 40 years of proven success waterproofing thousands of projects. Similarly, those who have worked with Hard-Cem know that it has over 15 years of success, improving the durability of over 80 million ft² of concrete in North America. Combining this line of award-winning technology with a consultative approach, Kryton works with design teams and builders to provide the best solutions and support for their project.

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