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Outdoor Pouf - Tabour | B&B Italia
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Outdoor Pouf - Tabour | B&B Italia

  • Use

    Outdoor furnishing
  • Applications

    Corporate, hospitality, public, residential
  • Characteristics

    Contemporary furnishing, choices from several collections of interior and exterior furniture items

More about this product

Tabour, the collection of indoor ottomans introduced in 2016, now features a new outdoor version. Oblong oval and square in shape, they resemble primeval marine creatures or large unicellular animals, associating the sensuality of the organic shapes with highly technological materials. The fabric is stretched over the padded frame by a sort of oversized “button” that serves as a tray, painted white, Tortora, or anthracite. The "button" resembles a navel or a large eye, and seemingly establishes communication between the Tabour ottomans and the spirit of the room where they are placed.

The productive Anglo-Indian duo, Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, have designed a capsule for B&B Italia made up of three decorative functional items that combine sensuous volumes with high-tech materials starting from the ottomans Tabour, in oblong oval, square or trilobite shapes, which are the epitome of mix and match solutions. Resembling primeval marine creatures or large unicellular animals, they are designed to form archipelagos in the center of a room or to become the natural continuation of sofas and armchairs.

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