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Pool Construction - Myrtha Technology | Myrtha Pools

  • Use

    Olympic pools, sport and fitness pools, institutional pools, municipal pools, special events & temporary pools, waterparks, camping and community pools, cruise ships, hotel & resort pools, thermal pools, and wellness centers
  • Applications

    Indoor, outdoor, rooftop, suspended pools
  • Characteristics

    Millimetric precision, advanced engineered design and quality control, installation timing flexibility, expedited construction schedule, low maintenance, waterproofing, suitable for the most difficult situations, significantly reduced weight, FINA dimensional compliance.
  • Certification

    Myrtha contributes to LEED, BREEAM, and Green Star certification
  • Guarantee

    Up to 25 years warranty on the Myrtha structural components

More about this product

Myrtha Technology is a self-standing and anti-seismic structure that allows millimetric adjustments, thanks to its fixed system. To ensure a long life, structural elements are securely bolted together – not welded. Myrtha Technology offers durability and highly effective waterproofing with stainless steel panels hot-rolled with a PVC laminate. The many finishes available for Myrtha Pools offer both functional and aesthetic benefits and include; mosaic, stone, marble, porcelain gres, tiles, transparent walls, and a decorated floor membrane.

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