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How to Finish Valchromat Panels | Investwood
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How to Finish Valchromat Panels | Investwood

  • Use

  • Applications

    Furniture, decorative panels, partition walls, false ceilings, flooring, shop-fitting, exhibition stands, restoration, bathrooms, kitchens, doors
  • Characteristics

    Colored throughout, easy to machine, non toxic, load resistant, tool friendly, moisture resistant, fire resistant
  • Format

  • Colors

    Light grey, grey, black, chocolate brown, yellow, orange, red, blue, green mint, khaki

More about this product

Valchromat is a wood-fiber panel from Investwood. It is available in different colours, sizes and thicknesses with a natural tonal variation of the surface. Before installing panels, the appearance should be protected and color variations acounted for:

  • In order to maintain the natrual appearance and protect the surface of Valchromat, a finish of varnish, wax or oil should be applied.
  • During installation, Valchromat panels should be laid out side by side to observe the shade differences between panels and then organized to minimize the differences between adjacent panels.

Of the three finishes for Valchromat, the varnishes are the most complex and can be the most difficult to choose given the broad range available on the market.

Choosing Varnish

  • Any wood varnish can be applied to Valchromat
  • Different varnishes have different appearances, from matt to gloss
  • Two-component acrylic varnishes are a great choice since they do not yellow over time
  • The water-based varnishes change the natural colour of the panel less
  • Primer and the varnish from the same manufacturer should be used to avoid incompatibility

Applying Varnish

  1. Apply Primer
    When a varnish finish is applied, the first coat applied is a primer.
  2. Sanding
    After the primer has dried, the panel should be sanded with fine sandpaper with grit size 320, to remove the granules that may result from peeling.
  3. Apply Finish
    Next, a varnish finish is applied in one or two coats, in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Sand in-between Coats
    Between each layer the panel should be sanded using fine sandpaper with grit size 320.

Wax or Oil Finish
The waxes or oils are usually applied with a single coat on the pre-prepared surfaces.

  • These kinds of finishes should not be applied on panels for installation in moist environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Surface Preparation
In general, any finish, be it varnish, wax or oil, needs the surface to be prepared beforehand. This preparation involves sanding the surfaces before applying the finish.

  1. Lay Out Panels
    Check the differences between panel shades by laying them out side-by-side and adjust the order accordingly
  2. Gradually Sand Surface
    The surfaces should be sanded gradually, increasing the sandpaper grit size 50% with each new step. At least 2 phases with 2 different sandpaper grit sizes are recommended.
  3. Selecting Grit Size
    Valchromat panels are sanded at the factory with 150 or 180 grit depending on the thickness, so the surface preparation recommendation is to start with 220-240 grit sandpaper and finish with 320-360 grit sandpaper, to obtain a smooth surface with no scratches. Tops should also be treated.
  4. Clean Panels
    Before applying the finish, the panels must be cleaned with a dry cloth, air blowing or, preferably with a cleaner in order to be free of any type of dust, which will damage the finish.

The panel with the lowest formaldehyde emissions produced by Valbopan. It maintains its technical and physical characteristics (even the Moisture resistant capacity) despite having less formaldehyde. The approach to ecology and the preservation of human health, complying with the limits imposed by Chemikalien-Verbotsverordnung and with the limits of BREEAM International.

Sizes and Thicknesses

Dimensions (mm) 2440 x 1220, 2440 x 1830, 3660 x 1220, 3660 x 2440 or others upon request
Thicknesses (mm) 8, 12, 16, 19, 30

Finish Colors

Panel Finish Panel Finish Panel Finish Panel Finish Panel Finish
Light Grey Grey Black Chocolate Brown Yellow
Panel Finish Panel Finish Panel Finish Panel Finish Panel Finish
Orange Red Blue Green Mint Khaki

Go to the Supplementary section to download the recommended solutions by type of application.

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