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Acoustic Trellis & Coffer System - SoftSpan™ | Arktura

  • Use

    Ceiling, acoustic baffle
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Lightweight, acoustic attenuation, timber-look, field trimmable, illumination options, closure beams
  • Colors

    White, grey, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, wood textures
  • Sizes

    SoftSpan™ 24 - 8’ x 8’ x 4’’ | SoftSpan™ 48 - 8’ x 8’ x 10’’ | SoftSpan™ 48 A - 8’ x 8’ x 10’’ | SoftSpan™ 96 - 8’ x 8’ x 1’-2’’
  • Certification

    Fire Rating - ASTM E84 - Class A
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More about this product

SoftSpan™ from Arktura is a highly versatile, innovative acoustic baffle system that delivers the look of coffered ceilings or large timber trellises without the weight, all while reducing the impact of noise across any interior space. Constructed from Arktura's high-performance PET Soft Sound® acoustical material, Softspan™ is available in various colors and finishes to fit any design vision. Choose from a library of options to find a match to complement and enhance your space, including a lineup of Soft Sound® Wood Textures to replicate the character and warmth of timber ceiling trellises.

SoftSpan™ trellis systems are tension held and equipped with simple hanging points to cut down installation time. The new designs offer the opportunity of mixing different baffle sizes and colors to give designers and architects the flexibility to create something dynamic and fluid within their space. Visually similar to building structural elements, the SoftSpan™ baffle system blends in well within any area while enhancing it aesthetically and acoustically. Combined with easily installed and removed coffer panels, SoftSpan™ baffles create an accessible coffered ceiling look, adding yet another opportunity to enhance the space's visuals and acoustics.

SoftSpan™ introduces four different designs across three different grid sizes - SoftSpan™ 24, 48, 48A, and 96. All variations offer available closure beams, to give each module or grouping a seamless, refined Soft Sound® edge. Or use the system's easily swappable standard powder coated aluminum end caps as a versatile and straightforward way to accent your design. Additional accessories are also available to integrate lighting or metal panels into your coffers. Regardless of your design or accessory selections, installation is accessible using simple micro quick-release attachments, making implementation a breeze.

  • SoftSpan™ 24 is a versatile ceiling baffle system that brings the look of closely gridded coffered ceilings or timber trellises to spaces without the weight while enhancing acoustics and reducing the impact of noise.
  • SoftSpan™ 48 creates a more spread out, cohesive grid of trellises. Add Arktura's optional closure beams for a clean, minimal look.
  • SoftSpan™ 48 A has beams of different heights (10” and 8”) intersecting each other, creating a layered look.

Arktura | SoftSpan™ | Accessories

  • SoftSpan™ 96 creates a sense of magnitude with its large trellis beams that are still scalable across spaces big and small.
Arktura | SoftSpan™ - 24 Arktura | SoftSpan™ - 48
SoftSpan™ 24 - 8’ x 8’ x 4’’ SoftSpan™ 48 - 8’ x 8’ x 10’’
Arktura | SoftSpan™ - 48A Arktura | SoftSpan™ - 96
SoftSpan™ 48 A - 8’ x 8’ x 10’’ SoftSpan™ 96 - 8’ x 8’ x 1’-2’’

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduce Noise & Enhance Acoustics - SoftSpan™’s Soft Sound® material reduces the impact of noise from everyday annoyances like ringing, typing, and chatter resulting in a more pleasant and productive environment. SoftSpan™’s material works in concert with the design to help reduce and control reverberations leaving a lasting impression at scales ranging from assembly halls to conference rooms.
  • Timber Trellis without the Weight - SoftSpan™ in Soft Sound® Wood Texture brings the aesthetics of a timber trellis into your space without the weight while also adding acoustic performance.
  • Preconfigured Field Trimmable Solution - SoftSpan™ modules can be trimmed in the field. By rearranging the adjustable hangers; Standard modules that can be easily field modified around anticipated and unforeseen site conditions during install.
  • Accessories - Enhance the acoustic performance of SoftSpan™ with Soft Sound® infills or add Arktura's integrated lightbox and translucent diffusers to create enclosed illuminated coffers.
  • Open Accessibility in Plan - SoftSpan™’s open-grid design makes integrating systems above or below the modules simple and feasible. Easily accessible open trellis beam structure makes accessing lighting, HVAC, rig points, plumbing, and life safety systems simple.

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