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How to use AUGmentecture | AUGmentecture
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How to use AUGmentecture | AUGmentecture

  • Use

    Augmented reality
  • Applications

    Design collaboration, design communication
  • Characteristics

    Rapid conversion of models, use on mobile devices, streamlined process

More about this product

AUGmentecture allows architects, engineers, and design professionals to display their 3D models in augmented reality on mobile devices and share them with colleagues and customers.

How to Display 3D Models in Augmented Reality with AUGmentecture

AUGmentecture is a marker-based augmented reality platform for mobile devices. What does that mean? Well, it all starts with 3D objects (in this case, architectural models) in the cloud. Without them, there is nothing to display.

Uploading Models

To build a collection of 3D models that you can display in AR, create an AUGmentecture account on the AUGmentecture website.

Your account comes with a personal and secure panel and a 3D viewer to load and organize your models, where you can also lock the model with a password only for those who have it to view.

Once your account is set up, you can start sending templates to your account. Remember that AUGmentecture uses the .fbx or .obj file format, so your templates will first have to be exported to .fbx or .obj files.

If you use Autodesk® Revit®, or Sketchup®, install the free AUGmentecture plugin to export templates directly to your Revit® or Sketchup® account.

Each of your models will have a code and a marker assigned to it.


The default marker is the blueprint of the template, but you can also assign another image, such as your company logo, for example, to act as a marker. The platform has the form of surface mode visualization, where it is possible to view the AR on any flat surface, without the need to use a marker.

Viewing Models in AR

Once a model has been uploaded to the cloud, the next step is to view them on mobile devices.


To view a model, download the AUGmentecture app to your device from the App Store or Google Play.

By activating the app, you can then scan the QR code through the app and view the augmented reality on a 1:1, 1:10, 1:100 scale. Once the model appears, it can be saved in an exclusive AUGmentecture folder on your smartphone or tablet, make vertical or horizontal cuts, pinch zoom and fit the model on the z-axis.

When you start the app, it will ask you to point the camera at the QR code. The application will use the QR code to identify which model to download. Once the model is downloaded, you will have two options to view with the marker, where it is necessary to print it or have the surface view.

Here is the unique Revit workflow of AUG:


Here is the unique Sketchup workflow of AUG:


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For additional info visit AUGmentecture's YouTube Channel.

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