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Metal Rainscreen - Qbiss Screen H & H+ | Trimo
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Metal Rainscreen - Qbiss Screen H & H+ | Trimo

  • Use

    Datacenter, shopping center, logistics, airports, business office, museums, warehouse, education, military, industrial, showrooms, healthcare
  • Applications

    Qbiss Screen H : ventilated façade, soffit, internal wall, ceiling | Qbiss Screen H+: ventilated façade, internal wall
  • Characteristics

    Prefabricated, easy installation, lightweight, aesthetics, durable, prevention from atmospherics pollutants
  • Format

    Raster length: 530mm - 6500mm ; module width: 600mm - 1200mm; thickness: 65mm; Qbiss Screen H: Vertical/Horizontal/ Vertical Brick; Qbiss Scree H+: Vertical/Horizontal
  • Certification


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More about this product

Qbiss Screen is an innovative metal rainscreen from Trimo.

Qbiss Screen H

A 50 mm thick element is a composite made of two pre-painted galvanized steel sheets with joints and honeycomb core. The composition of materials gives elements visibly higher level of surface flatness, high load-bearing capacity, minimal thermal expansion, thermal deflection and resistance to humidity.


Qbiss Screen H+

A 50 mm thick element, comprises of an aluminium honeycomb core, inserted between two metal skins, with each element corner formed without cutting or folding. All joints are specially formed for fixing and sealing, with prefabricated lap joint on the side for self-weight fixing.


High Quality Rainscreen

  • Fully prefabricated and self-supporting system
  • Embossed corners without cuts, folds or welds
  • Extreme element flatness

Versatile Design Possibilities

  • Compatible with Qbiss One façade elements
  • Wide range of colours and material finishes
  • Various joint and installation options

Maximum Safety

  • Class A2 limited combustibility classification
  • Quick installation with reduced amount of barring sub-frame system up to 60% compared to other traditional rainscreen systems
  • Lightweight elements for simple on-site handling and installation


Mainly used for refurbishment purposes but also new buildings (offices, showrooms, public buildings, health care facilities etc.)

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