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Engineered Stone - Aggloceppo | Marini Marmi

  • Use

    Facade cladding, flooring
  • Applications

    External and internal facade cladding, internal flooring
  • Characteristics

    Durable, recycled content
  • Sizes

    2cm thick | 254 cm x 123/142cm
  • Certification

    EN 13748 (ex DIN 18500)

More about this product

Aggloceppo from Marini Marmi is an engineered stone that is a homogeneous mixture that blends natural stone - Ceppo di Gré - white cement, natural pigments, fibers, and water. The mixture is vibro-compacted into blocks, and after 28 days of maturation sawn into blocks and processed as natural stone. Aggloceppo is intended for use in external and internal facade cladding as well as internal flooring. 

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