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Natural Stone - Nuvolato di Gré | Marini Marmi

  • Use

    Flooring, cladding, furnishing
  • Applications

    Indoor, outdoor
  • Characteristics

    Durable, resistant to weathering, foot traffic, and acids
  • Colors

    Grey grain in light and dark shades. 5 Finishes
  • Sizes

    Minimum thickness 2cm

More about this product

Nuvolato di Gré from Marini Marmi is a breccia dolomitica, veined and brecciated, with a very fine grey gain and light and dark shades with white calcite veining. Carbonatic lithotype is a very compact sedimentary rock with a heterogeneous and intensely brecciated texture. This stone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, particularly for flooring, cladding, and furnishing due to its resistance to weathering, foot traffic, and acids. 

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