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Architectural Mesh - Parking Garage Exteriors | Kaynemaile

  • Use

    Architectural mesh
  • Applications

    Interior/exterior, educational, corporate: office, hospitality: hotels and restaurants, public facilities, cultural: museums and libraries, commercial: retail, sport architecture
  • Characteristics

    Lightweight (3kg per m2), fire-resistant, cost-effective, fast installation, solar reduction
  • Certification

    Group 1S in the AS/ISO 9705 room test, ASTM D 2843 smoke index of 70.9°, ASTM 635 HB-CCI and NFPA 701-pass, FR-V0 material rated self-extinguishing
  • Guarantee

    Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh for standard interior and exterior applications has a 10 year warranty *Excludes kinetic or custom applications. Contact Kaynemaile to discuss your specific application.
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More about this product

High performance paired with extreme durability make Kaynemaile architectural mesh ideal for parking garage exteriors. With a high level of transparency, Kaynemaile mesh maintains airflow while also giving protection from sun, wind and rain.

Kaynemaile is tough and impact-resistant, yet flexible enough to be stretched over a frame to execute complex three-dimensional designs. Being non-corrosive, it will not stain buildings or discolor over time. The extremely lightweight mesh is fast to install at just 3kg m2 (0.6 lb/ft2), dramatically reducing install times and costs.

Exterior Colors

Kaynemaile can be produced in any custom color using RAL or Pantone codes or in a standard range of gloss-finish colors. The standard Kaynemaile color range for exterior applications includes: Bronze, Copper, Steel, Obsidian Black, Translucent Black, and Silver.

Solar Reduction

Kaynemaile significantly reduces both radiant heat through direct sunlight (EMR) and thermal conductive heat from entering the interior of a building by up to 70%. This can be used to allow daylight in and manage the passive solar gain whilst maintaining visual transparency.

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