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Architectural Mesh in Colie Makchi Cafe | Kaynemaile

  • Use

    Architectural mesh
  • Applications

    Interior/exterior, educational, corporate: office, hospitality: hotels and restaurants, public facilities, cultural: museums and libraries, commercial: retail, sport architecture
  • Characteristics

    Lightweight (3kg per m2), fire-resistant, cost-effective, fast installation, UV stabilized using inorganic colors, long term stability fully recyclable
  • Certification

    Group 1S in the AS/ISO 9705 room test, ASTM D 2843 smoke index of 70.9°, ASTM 635 HB-CCI and NFPA 701-pass, FR-V0 material rated self-extinguishing
  • Guarantee

    Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh for standard interior and exterior applications has a 10 year warranty *Excludes kinetic or custom applications. Contact Kaynemaile to discuss your specific application.

More about this product

Creating intimate spaces for this Vietnam Cafe, Kaynemaile designed and developed custom screens from architectural mesh. The specialist coffee house in Ho Chi Minh City, was looking to create atmosphere by defining smaller, more intimate spaces within the main cafe.

Kaynemaile collaborated with TD solutions on three curved hanging screens to form a bold centerpiece that would wrap around the seating arrangements to give the impression of smaller rooms within the space. The large screens in Water Clear color were hung from curved tracks suspended from the ceiling of the coffee house.

The architectural mesh envelops the seating and provides visual transparency while maintaining airflow compliance throughout the space. The Water Clear Kaynemaile mesh works in harmony with the upscale, contemporary coffee house design. Kaynemaile screens can easily and quickly create functional areas which are more intimate and private while maintaining an open plan atmosphere - Perfect for this elegant coffee house.

Product System Used
Hanging Screens

Kaynemaile hanging screens are a simple ceiling-hung solution used to divide interior spaces, create visual privacy, and as decorative backdrops.

Project Details

Project Hanging Screens for Colie Makchi Coffee House
Design TD Solutions
Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Photographer Quang Dam
Mesh Colour Water Clear

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